Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Precure All Stars New Stage 2 Movie Review (Spoilers and Screenshots included)

I finally get to watch New Stage 2 and here is my review and thoughts of the movie. There are spoilers so if you have not watch it or you don't care about it, let's get started!

Our story begin in the Fairy school where they trained fairies and mascots to be future Precure supports. Tarte was invited to be the guest speaker and show the class the Precures and some dummy henshin items.

One of the students, Gereru was jealous of the Precures and started to make a mess in the class. He was reprimanded by the teacher and he ran out of the classroom. He later met another classmate, Enen who loved the Precures but was very shy. They started talking about Precures when Geruru heard a voice calling to him.

They went to a forbidden room and broke the lock. A dark crystal ball is in the room and it changed into a shadow of Gereru. The shadow or Kage (which I will be referring to from now on) tricked Gereru into luring the Precures to a trap. Enen was reluctant to join them but he has no choice but to follow.

Ayumi didn't get invited...

Why you open your eyes so big, Erika?

Let me try this candy...

Meanwhile, the Precures from Max Heart to Smile recieved an party invitation to the fairy school and head out there. The Dokidoki team were having tea when Alice brought some gyoza natto candies, claiming it is banned now. Makoto tried it and it was terrible. Candy called Sharuru through a portal and wondered if they are invited to the party. Mana met Miyuki for the first time and the Dokdoki team decided to go to the fairy school.

Tarte and the teacher got captured by Kage's spawns where the Precures who have arrived were turned into crystals and their mascots and henshin items captured. Kage's next target are the Smile team who have just arrived.

Enen was sent to steal their Smile Pact but failed. Kage tried to get it instead but was spotted by Reika. The Smile Team transformed and started battling Kage. However Kage know their moves by using the Precure Textbook and countered them. He finally caught hold of their Smile Pact and they de-transformed. Candy escaped and went to find Pop.

Kage turned them into crystals and they saw the other teams in the same predicament. Before Miyuki got turned completely, she told Enen to find the Dokidoki team and tell Cure Heart to save everyone. Gereru was proud that he defeated the Precures but Kage instead want to destroy everything and started attacking the school and the students. Kage also infected the Sun panel in the sky and everything turned dark.

Gereru asked Kage to stop but instead was attacked by one of Kage's spawns. Enen found the Dokdoki team but he was too scared to tell them anything. Suddenly Enen was running away from the spawn and the Dokidoki team transformed. Kage could not find anything about the Dokidoki Precure on the textbook and retreated.

Kage throw the captured mascots into a waterfall but Mepple managed to break free and call Rakeru on his phone (?) They explained to the Dokidoki team where they are. After learning what has happened, they began to head to the waterfall.

However Kage sent spawns to attack them, leaving Gereru and Enen to get there by themselves. They fell off a cliff but Candy and Pop arrived to save them. They found the mascots and breaking the cage with a wooden sword (What?) They rushed to find the captured Precures.

Kage send more spawns to capture the mascots again and Gereru and Enen felt it was pointless now. But Candy didn't give up and cheered on the mascots. Tarte gave everyone a Miracle Light stick and they cheered for the Precures and Mascots. The Dokidoki team's health was restored and the mascots arrived to free the Precures.

Let's do the Jump!

The captured Precures were freed and they pushed the Sun panel back before it crashed to the ground. Cure Happy defeated a spawn when it tried to ambush the Dokidoki team. Together they joined the others and started battling the spawns.

The spawns should start yelling like the Shocker troopers from Kamen Rider..

Everyone got their moment and were cheered by everyone. (You have to watch the scenes yourself as the feelings is like the final battle in All Riders vs Daishocker movie or the Super Hero Taisen movie) Cure Beat and Cure Passion saved Gereru, Enen and Candy from a spawn. The two of them told them it is all right to express your feelings and make amends. They then joined the others as Enen explained to Gereru the two Cures were once enemies who turned into a new leaf and become Precures.

Kage tried to turn the Precures into crystal but the Miracle light healed them. Another big spawn appeared in front of the Smile and Dokidoki team but this time, they were ready. Cure March used 100 March shots while Cure Sunny focused the Sunny Fire into her fist. Cure Rosetta shield them as Cure Beauty and Cure Diamond combined their powers. Cure Peace and Cure Sword were next (Peace was happy that she is called a senior) Finally Cure Heart and Cure Happy dealt the final blow. 

Jikochu Dame!!! (Don't be Selfish!)

After the Heartcatch team clear the path of spawns, Kage become a giant spider and attacked the Dokidoki team. They began to struggle with the beams when everyone arrived and pushed the beam back to Kage.

Play "I'll face Myself" BGM from Persona 4...

Kage was turned back into a small shadow and Gereru faced it. He admitted he was jealous of the Precures however he realised he was not alone and Enen was beside him. He want to make friends with everyone in school and Kage felt the same way too. Kage was touched by Gereru and turned back into a crystal ball.

Look like Cure Marine is also a fan of MakoPi...

Tarte told Gereru and Enen if they worked hard, they will become the partners of future Precures. Everyone agreed and they help to restore the land. They finally got a party and everyone enjoyed themselves...

So that's the end of New Stage 2! How was it? Compared to the first New Stage, this was better and less darker. The focus is on Gereru and Enen who were being tricked by Kage to do evil things. The plot sounds similar to an episode of Care Bears where an evil person tricked an innocent kid into bad things and nearly destroyed the world.

Not that it has been done before but compared to Ayumi in NS1, I can associated more to Gereru and Enen who just want to make friends and acknowledge by everyone. The final scene with Gereru and Kage is similar to the Persona 4 storyline where a character faced his shadow and even the last line "You are Me" is right out of Persona 4.

This time around, the Dokidoki team have one good interaction with the Smile Team and finally we have a combination attack from both teams which was missing in the last movie. The Max Heart team were awesome and Cure Black and Cure White are the Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo of Precure as they proved why they are the best unarmed combatants.

Cure Blossom and Cure Marine were great especially Marine whose over the top expression make her the most energetic character in Precure history. Cure Passion and Cure Beat giving Gereru and Enen a pep talk was no coincidence as they tell their experiences about admitting their mistakes and overcoming it. I was disappointed that again, Five Gogo was shoved to a corner. I admitted that it is either budget problems or they couldn't get every Precure seiyuu in the same room due to their schedules. Even the mascots were cut down as only a few of them have lines.

The action scenes of course were better than the last one. The final blow was again another test of strength rather than having all the Precures to go to their final form which I felt it is not necessary as Kage is not in the same level as Fusion where the destruction is almost earth shattering. But again, it took only the Smile team to defeat Fusion in the NS1 movie so yeah, Kage is a wimp compared to other final bosses.

See you in the next New Stage!

That's my review and thoughts of the NS2 movie. It was better than the last one in terms of storyline and better actions. But of course, the final struggle was really quick but Kage is not really that great of a villain. If you loved the Max Heart and Heartcatch team, you will be happy as it is nice to hear them again. Dokidoki team was all right but given they have not get Lovely Force Arrow and Cure Ace have yet to appear when this movie was aired, we probably have to wait for another NS movie to see how it fared. Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. better than NS1
    and slightly good as DX2
    but definitely below than DX1 y DX 3

  2. I wish DX3 could be a mix of all the good points of both New Stage movie + a bit of DX.

  3. I agree, it's better than New Stage one, but I'm disappointed that there's not a balance of dialogue among all of the Cures and Precure fairies...still I'm glad to hear voices of Nagisa, Honoka, and Hikari once again

  4. I was hoping for Smile to have interaction with GoGo.