Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Impressions-Fate Zero Ep 1-Saber has only one line (Again!)

After five years, the truth of what happened during the Fourth Holy Grail war is finally revealed. The premise episode of Fate/Zero is a 50 minute of talking, preaching and noticing all the little trivia that will happen in Fate:Stay Night. (Spoiler Alert if you have not watch FSN)
Who will believe that IIya will become a spolied brat with one of the strongest servant in the future?

This scene of Kirei and Tokiomi is annoying with the 360 camera shot.

Our main hero, Emiya Kiritsuga is a tired looking mage who speak in a monotonous voice but yet has a lovely wife, Iris-mother of Ilya. Tosaka Tokiomi and Kotomine Kirei conspire to get the Holy Grail for themselves while Mato Kariya was furious with his grandfather, Zoken for brainwashing Tosaka Rin's sister Sakura into a mindless soul.

Waver Velet who was looked down by his professor, Kayneth Archibald after claiming that his bloodline was too weak, stole a relic from him and join the war.

Rin at a young age, has already disliked Kirei's presence which was ironic that he taught her magic in the sequel. Kirei was also trying to find his purpose in life but when he learn of Emiya's past, he loathed him and is obsessed of killing him.

The final scene show the four masters summoning their servants. Kariya summoned Berserker, Waver got Rider, Tokomi has Gilgamesh and finally Emiya got Saber who said the same line to Shiro in the FSN.

For a premise episode, it has mixed feelings for me. One hand, it is nice to see Saber, Rin and Arrogant Gilgamesh back again even through I just finishing watching Unlimited Blade Works a few months back. There were little trivia and things that I giggled, knowing the outcomes for some of the characters in this new series.

I presumed that most of the masters will probably be dead by the time we reach to the end. Of course, it does explained why Kirei never like Shiro or Saber when they first met in FSN. Emiya having nicknamed "Mage Killer" due to the lengths he goes to assassinate other mages has a grey look in life as he realise to save someone, he must kill someone in return.

Despite having Saber and Gilgamesh returning, the remaining Servants has little or non appeal to me. Rider who is Alexander the Great, look more like a tan-skinned Berserker which I mistaken him twice earlier. From the opening credits, Caster look like a Hybrid of the Jester from Final Fantasy 9 and One Piece's Buggy. Lancer who is Diarmuid Ua Duibhne look similar to his FSN's counterpart but with a dull black costume. Assassins who are the Hanshishin reminds me of a bad Halloween costume. I will keep my views about Berserker who is rumored to be Lancelot-King Arthur's knight till he make an official appearance.

That's all I have to say for Fate Zero. I will see how the next episode goes before deciding whether to review it or not.

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