Monday, October 3, 2011

First Impressions-C3 Ep 1, Phil Brain Ep 1, Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Ep 1, Kyokai Senjou no Horizon Ep 1

C3 Ep 1: Cube, Curses, Curious or Cube 3 if you want to call it, has Haruaki received a strange box from his father overseas. That night, a naked girl named Fiya came out from the box claiming that she is an artifact that absorb negative human emotions and cursed people. I was expecting an emotionless girl like Chobits' Chi or last season's Denpan Onna. But I was glad that Fiya who was voiced by Tamura Yukari give a fun personality with her spoiled kid attics. All right for a first episode and we are already getting a female smoking villain as shown at the after credits.
Kaito is doing Einstein's famous rasberry face

So instead of the Millennium Puzzle, we have the Millennium Arm Band.

Phil Brain Ep 1: Kaito is a genius in solving almost impossible puzzles. Nicknamed Einstein after the famous scientist, he accepted a challenge from the mysterious Minotaur and entered an unsolvable maze. After several trials, he got a mysterious arm band that enable him to push his limits to solve puzzles. The idea is good but I wish it empathise on how the puzzle is solved thoroughly rather than showing the end results. I will try for another episode given that NHK channel endorse this show but if it doesn't work, I rather watch Detective Conan or play Professor Layton.
Older but still Hot as ever, all we need is her Butler and I am complete!

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Ep 1: or Majijkoi as named by fans of the game. The first episode is like a parody of Dynasty Warriors. With warriors beating impossible odds with a swift of their weapon, who can't think that it is Dynatsy Warriors, complete with Main Generals and strategy.

There are two things that stand out, one is an older Ageha from They are my Nobel Masters, second is a Rob the robot rip-off who can transform into a toku metal hero voiced by Fukuyama Jun. With the entire seiyuu cast from the game doing the characters, I already giggled to myself of them doing h-scenes in the studio recording. (Asakara Yuu, Itou Shizuka, Goto Yuko, Yummy!)

Kyokai Senjou no Horizon Ep 1: This is probably the weirdest mismatch of characters in a class. We have a talking Mecha, an Incubus who walk around butt naked, a talking slime, a ninja who has a Dig Dug cap, a curry-serving Indian, a Hulk with an Iron Mask, eight of the female classmates who are D cup and above. This is not anime...It's Guilty Gear and Blazblue on Steroids!!
Guess where his eyes are?

A target scope for an archer? That's cheating!

However this whole episode has the whole class trying to get a hit on their Amazon like teacher. The magic and science elements were pretty cool. Finally, our main hero, Aoi Touri's first act of the day-proudly announce that he waited in line for an adult game and get on it later. He get his ass kicked when he groped their teacher's breasts but the truth is he is waiting to "confess" the next day so that he can declared war to the rest of the world. Look interesting but I am worried that it might end up like Legend of the Legendary Heroes with it's inconsistent plot.

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