Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Impressions-Ika Musume Ep 2, Maken-Ki Ep 1

I got the net covered!
Ika Musume Ep 2: Ika Chan joined Takeru to school and got into a football match with the class next door. Ika Chan can't even hit a ball and the kids help her in scolding a goal.
When a maid with a knucle duster asked you something, you obey her! 

The next story was Nagsia and Ayumi cos-playing to attract customers with great success. Ika Chan thought of an idea and wore a Queen Elizabeth dress with no results.
Look, a flying squid!?

Finally, the family discovered Ika Chan has the abilities to control her weight and she tried to fly weightlessly with hilarious results.

Funny episode however I probably won't blog on as it is mostly self-contained stories.

Maken-Ki Ep 1: We have Ooyama Takeru who transferred to a new school and meeting up his childhood friend, Haruko, Himegami, a loli who used shingami and Inaho who self-proclaimed to Takeru's fiancee.

When Himegami found that Takeru has a mysterious seal on his chest, she is determined to defeat him due to being an "eternal enemy".

If that is what Haruko wearing to bed, I am all in!
Surprisingly, this episode was much better than the first chapter of the manga with more action and a more fitting end to the episode. The students possessed replicate items called Maken which they used it to settle their feuds.

Eyecatch A

Eyecatch B (Yummy!)

Strangely, I find this episode is similar to Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaoh with the tsurdere sword lady, the loli with a sharp tongue and the klutzy fiancee. Well, if you expecting Takeru to be a wimp, I read the manga and he prove to be good as the girls which I hope he does in future episodes. If you are wondering why Himegami called him an eternal enemy? Clue: King of Fighters 97 Final boss.

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