Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 25 Final-The Never Ending Battle

The heroes saw Maverick and Rotwang up the stairways. They wanted to arrest them however they are surrounded by more H-01. The heroes tried to fight back but the H-01 are stronger and faster.

Finally the heroes were overwhelmed and were surrounded. Before the H-01 could kill them, they suddenly went off-line.

It was Saito who finally hacked the system and activated the safety lock on the androids. Rock Bison knocked off the stairways which Maverick and Rotwang are standing. The two of them were holding onto the edge. Maverick kicked off Rotwang off the building after claiming that he is expandable.

Maverick run down to the master control room but the heroes caught up. Maverick claimed that they have no proof to arrest him. However Agnes arrived and has already recorded what Maverick said earlier.

Furthermore, it was a live broadcast and the whole city now know Maverick's true colors.
Agnes explained that she too recovered her memory after seeing Kaede's ray of light earlier.

Maverick escaped again but this time, he held Kaede hostage. Suddenly a familiar figure knocked out Maverick. It was Tiger! The heroes were loss of words seeing Tiger alive. He claimed that he just lose unconscious and his life support signal was damaged.

Maverick tried to preach the heroes claiming that without the heroes, the city will have fall apart and the NEXT will be persecuted. Tiger argued that he twisted the ideal into his own image. Maverick claimed without evil, the heroes will be useless.

He also said Ouroboros is everywhere and they will not be able to stop it. Maverick used his power on himself and became catatonic.

The authorises arrived to take Maverick as Saito and Ben congratulate the heroes. Saito passed the password to Bunny claiming that his parents must have some reason using this password. Tiger announced that he is retiring from being a hero which Bunny followed suit as he need to find his new purpose in life.

Maverick's escort was attacked by Lunatic and he killed Maverick in the process.

A year passed and the remaining six heroes continued to fight crimes. They saw Tiger now being a reserve for the B team heroes and is given a nickname-One minute hero. Bunny went to his parents' grave and discovered that his parents' birthday and his birthday are the password to the safety lock.

Tiger accidentally fell off a glass roof panel but was rescued by Bunny. They got into their squabbles again but clean the air and continued their crime fighting as Tiger and Bunny!

Later, a kid drop a dollar bill and it revealed the Ouroboros sign when soaked in water...

Tiger live! (WTH!?) Never mind about that! I was expecting a more climatic battle against Maverick but what we get is ten minutes of preaching and Maverick frying his own brains. Although he met his demise by Lunatic, the scary mention of Ouroboros is still around will haunt the heroes for a while.

Final Thoughts: When I first heard this show, I thought it was a joke that reality television and super heroes don't mix well. Thank god, the camera didn't follow them wherever they go. But what we got is a good storyline and characters that I like.

First, Tiger who is an old war horse veteran who is definitely outclassed by the newer and younger heroes. But he has a true heart of a hero and the others respect him despite the odds against them. Bunny started as a show-off but later he too was influenced by Tiger's actions and learn to accept him as his partner. Although he behave like a jerk at the last few episodes but no one is perfect.

Blue Rose was arrogant but slowly open up to Tiger and now has a big crush on him. (I didn't know they have books telling how to make a widower fell in love with you) Sky High who is a goody two shoes with a lot of hand movements however he too come up of being too clean cut. Rock Bison was boring cause he doesn't have an episode dedicated to him and all he does is just cover everyone's back.

Flame Emblem was fun with his flamboyant personality and we know he is "different" from the others, flirting around with the male heroes but can join the girls like some gossip group. Origami Cyclone started as a background character but he too became courageous and even save his friend. Dragon Kid being the youngest. was a snob but she too learn to be more feminine and even join Blue Rose and Flame Emblem in their antics.

Lunatic was bad-ass through he acted more like a Judge and executioner to the criminals. He is not blinded by Maverick's charade and he even saved Tiger's life. When he showed up to kill Maverick, it show that he is willing to take a life to uphold his own Justice. (Something which the heroes will never do.)

So with the story finally ended, what will happen now? One thing, Sunrise has announced the show will have some new projects related in November. Hopefully a second season which they have to. The next battle will be against Ouroboros and maybe we will know why NEXT powers actually existed. So until then, the never ending battle against evil will continue but we will know that Tiger and Bunny will be here to save the day!
See you again!

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