Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 11-Brew of Troubles

Akabane informed the girls that they are doing a live performance with Ryuga Komachi in a few weeks' time.

The girls were excited and began practicing for their new song and dance. However, Yukiho and Yayoi were unable to follow the others' dance steps and fumble several times.

After several tries, the dance instructor recommended for a less intense dance to Akabane. Miki spoke up claiming that they shouldn't take short cuts for the performance which the other girls also agreed. So the instructor want the girls to spilt up into three group-Haruka, Chihaya and Miki. Makoto, Yukiho and Takane and lastly, Yayoi, Mami and Hibiki so as to help one another.

In case you are wondering, they are having sweets in their mouth.

During vocal lesson, the instructor pointed out Haruka's singing and want her to improve it. The girls continued their lessons till dark. Later as the girls were waiting at the traffic light, Haruka asked them about their upcoming exams. Yayoi claimed that Iori guide her in her studies which everyone doubt for a moment.

As the days goes by, Haruka tried to balance both studies and rehearsals which make her very tired. She sprain her leg during training but it wasn't too serious.

Yukiho nearly gave up however Takane told her that she must have the determination if she want to be a top Idol. The others agreed which Yukiho thanked Takane.

Later, Haruka practice her vocals alone which Chihaya offered to help. Akabane peeked from outside and decided not to disturb them. However, they practiced too long which resulted Haruka missing the last train. She has no choice but to stay overnight with Chihaya. They went to buy some ingredients from the Super Market and cooked dinner at Chihaya's place.

Chihaya asked Haruka why she want to be an Idol. She answered that it is her dream to be able to stand in a glitter stage with fans cheering for her and feel the atmosphere. However she has to get through her exams before the performance and begged Chihaya to tutor her.

Several days passed, the girls finally got the performance right and even went through the exams without a hitch. Miki asked Ritsuko if she is allowed to join her group since she is as good as Ryuga Komachi. However, Ritsuko told her something shocking which upset Miki after that.
Yeah, I turn on the subtitles for you guys to read it.

The next day, Miki didn't show up for the rehearsal but she sent a message to Akabane calling him a liar...

This episode has a lot of character developments. We have Yukiho who has no self confidence due to her inexperience but Takane being a poker face, know how to press the right buttons for Yukiho to get her act together. Next we got to know more of Chihaya's reason for staying alone which is quite sad that her parents are divorced and she too is worried for her younger brother back home.

Haruka is really the soul of the group. Her optimistic and cheerful character can bring any moody moments to a positive one. As she said before in the first episode of why she want to be an idol, you can tell she is willing to work hard and be positive when the going get rough.

Finally with Miki knowing the truth of why she is not selected to be in Ritusko's group in the beginning really pushed her. With a message calling Akabane a liar, you can tell she is not going take it down easily. Let's hope Akabane can resolve with Miki soon before the performance.

(I got a feeling that they might end up with the alternative route in the game in which Miki cut her hair and redyed her original brown hair to join back. I personally don't like the new hairdo but no time for thought. Two more episodes left before the grand finale!)

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