Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 23-High Stakes!

Tiger and Bunny used their Good-Luck Mode and clashed till the parts were damaged. They continued fighting till Tiger pretend to surrender and sucker punch Bunny with a slap on the face. Tiger tried to make him remember the times they had as a team but Bunny refused to listen.

Bunny want to deal the final blow when Tiger suddenly shouted his nickname "Bunny". He stood there for a moment and was back to his usual self. Tiger hugged in joy knowing that he remember everything now.

Bunny recalled Maverick used his powers to alter his memories and he too knew that he is behind everything. Ben and Saito came along and they all board in Saito's trailer.

Tiger suggested to meet with the other heroes when he received a call from Blue Rose's comm. However it was Maverick and he has captured Kaede and the others and want the duo to meet at Justice Tower.

The two heroes arrived at Justice Tower and as they were going to the top level, Saito's spy robot was on Tiger's shoulder, hoping they could assist them later. They arrived at the top level where the Black Tiger is waiting for them.

Tiger opened the mask and realised it was an android called H-01. Maverick and Dr Rotwang appeared in their comm link and explained everything. Maverick was impressed by Dr Rotwang's work on the Cis incident and employed him to create the perfect android. Maverick want to replace the heroes with androids and used them to protect the city. Tiger was so angry that he accidentally crash Saito's spy robot.

Meanwhile, the other heroes are trapped in various cells with collar tags on their neck. Rotwang appeared on screen and gave them an ultimatum: Save yourself and watch the other heroes killed by the collar tags which is rigged with explosives or watch Tiger and Bunny get defeated by H-01 and get blown up too.

Tiger and Bunny swore to defeat Maverick and save the others...

This is it! The final battle! Well, H-01 is an android like I said before and I was right that Rotwang created an advance android to defeat the heroes. I expected that Maverick hired Rotwang to create the android. Maverick is also crazy, thinking that using androids to be the new heroes in the city is good. However like all great tales, anything does not have a soul or heart is bound to fail which is why Tiger and the others are genuine heroes.

The scene where Blue Rose and the others held is like something out of the movie "Saw" which Rotwang taunt them into saving themselves. Of course, this is Sunrise and I got a gut feeling that Saito or even Kaede is the wild card to turn the tables around.

So wth two more episodes left, let's hope the heroes can save the day!

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