Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 9-The case of the Missing Puddings

Ryugu Komachi finished their last scene in a mini-movie which is about a murder mystery. After that they drove them back to the office for a break before going for a radio interview. Iori can't wait to eat the "Gorgeous Celeb Puddings" that she bought this morning.

When they came back, Iori discovered that the puddings are gone which Ami and Mami volunteered to find it. They started interviewing Yayoi who was seen in the kitchen earlier but she was not the culprit.

Next they checked with Makoto after she muttered the words "Sweet" and "Bittersweet" however she is just writing song lyrics. She recalled Yukiho mentioning about puddings earlier when suddenly they heard Yukiho scream.

They found Yukiho fainted in the kitchen and muttered the words "Hibi" The twins deduced to be Hibiki and want to find her. However, Ritsuko took Ami for her radio interview, leaving Mami and Akabane to stake out at the dancing school where Hibiki and Takane were.

While staking out, Akabane asked Mami about her current relations with Ami. She replied that it is lonely to do things alone which they are used to do together. Takane came out of the school alone however Hibiki has already left half an hour ago. Mami went to find her but eventually came back to the office.

Ami was in the radio station when she realised that everything that has happen is similar to their movie. She tried to warn Mami on the air but Takane interrupted her and began killing cockroaches with a bug spray.

Later, Yukiho woke up and claimed that she fainted due to cockroaches coming out of a hole in the kitchen wall. The twins decided to set a trap for the remaining idols by scaring them with ghosts costumes and floating puddings.

Haruka and Chihaya were freaked out however Miki saw the puddings and mentioned it's name. They interrogated Miki and she confessed of eating it. However it was because someone ate her jelly earlier and she ate the pudding in return. The twins accidentally confessed of the jelly theft and got chased by everyone.

After that, Miki mentioned that she ate only one pudding which puzzled everyone. Who ate the rest of it? It was actually Azusa who got tempted by the puddings and ate all of it. She regret it claiming that her diet has gone down the drain...

Haha! A total wild goose chase of who ate the puddings! The twins were the comedic act of the team which I like how they showed chemistry in helping each other. Yukiho mentioned "Hibi" which means crack in Japanese also shows the twins' deduction were not right and were just trying their luck. But of course, the one who stole the show was Azusa (Again!) who ate all the puddings and was being dramatic after realising that she cannot control her diet anymore.

Really? I mean she got a nice body shape when she wore the wedding dress in the previous episode. Maybe a women's thing, I don't know. But to me, she is pretty all right. Miki and Takane are the cool cucumbers of the group without freaking out like the others and love how they handle the situation.

Next Episode, the girls are going for a telematch in a sport stadium?

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