Friday, September 9, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 10-War of the Idols

I wonder what is Takane sucking in her mouth?
All the female idols group including 765 Pro participated the Big Talent Agency Sports Competition. The girls are not doing well after Iori and Makoto argued over an earlier three-legged race. Hibiki and Takane came back and announced they got first place in their race.
Azusa's breasts is a WIN!

Although Azusa finished last in her race but won the hearts of the spectators. Ryuga Komachi went with Ritsuko for their rehearsal while Haruka encouraged the rest to work harder.

As the girls continue to compete, another idol group-Shikan Shoujo loathed them and planned to sabotage the girls.

Yayoi compete with one of the girls, Hikaru in a sack race. They collided each other which Yayoi was disqualified. She apologize Hikaru but called Yayoi a burden to her team.

876 Pro: From left, Eri, Ryo and Ai

The spectators were later treated by the male group-Jupiter and during lunch break, the girls were also visited by their juniors from 876 Pro.

Makoto can charm any girl.

Iori and Makoto compete again in another three-legged race. However during the race, they fell and Makoto injured her knee. One of the Shikan Shoujo girl, Nozomi was totally infatuated with her.

Takane noticed Yayoi was feeling down and she confessed about what happened earlier. Akabane was confronted with Shikan Shoujo's manager and wanted Akabane to give way for his team. He
called President Takagi about the incident which the other party was angry about it. Iori approached him and remind him that her father is a major shareholder of his company.

The final item was a relay race for all the group. The girls got a head start with Hibiki. Halfway, it was Yayoi's turn. She nearly gave up but Iori's words of encouragement got Yayoi to pass the baton. Makoto is at the final turn and tried to outrun Hikari.

Words of encouragements from everyone got her to run faster and finally she won the race which in turn, won the competition.

Ryuga Komachi also won the Best Idol performance and in the end, they celebrate with the 876 group in their office.

A great episode with the introduction of the 876 group and you can see that there will be people who will try to ruin the girls' chance of fame. Through they were lucky with Iori's family background and Akabane's determination, the road to stardom is a tough one. With groups like Shikan Shoujo being scheming, the girls have to be more determined than ever if they want to be top idols.

For those don't know, 876 group is consists of Hidaka Ai, Mizutani Eri and Akizuki Ryo who are from the NDS game-Idolmaster: Dearly Stars. They looked up the 765 girls which also explained their good relationship with them. Even this week's ending theme song "Go My Way" have both 765 and 876 girls performing together and it is a fun song to end this episode.

Next week, we are getting some deep stuff as the girls are doubting themselves since Ryuga Komachi is getting all the attention. Hopefully, the girls can get their act together and if we have the Top Idol competition in the upcoming episodes, let's hope the show can deliver something good to this unlikely fun show to watch!

Fun fact: Akizuki Ryo is Ritsuko's cousin and she is a male dressed in girls' clothing! (Seriously!)

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