Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 24-The Ultimate Sacrifice

Tiger and Bunny tried to take on H-01 which is using a plasma rifle against them. The duo could only defended themselves as their suits are still recharging.

Saito continued to hack into the system hoping he can override H-01's commands.

Meanwhile, Yuri was with the Mayor as they waited for news of the heroes. Yuri recalled that he was shot by H-01 when he let Tiger escaped. Maverick arrived and duped the mayor into thinking the heroes are fighting a terrorist group.

H-01 now use an energy blade and continued to battle the duo. Rotwang continued to taunt the captured heroes and for a moment, Sky High and Rock Bison nearly want to give in but stop after that.

The power suits are recharged and the duo began to fight back. They used Good Luck Mode on H-01 which it drop the rifle but didn't make a dent on it.

H-01 damaged Bunny's leg which immobilised him. Tiger continued the fight but still at a disadvantage.

Finally Blue Rose decided that she will believe the duo in overcoming H-01 and save them. The others agreed which angered Rotwang more.

Finally Tiger grab H-01 from behind and ordered Bunny to fire the rifle at them. He fired and destroyed H-01.

Rotwang want to activate the bomb but Kaede who escaped and using Blue Rose's power trapped him and destroyed the console.

The heroes broke free and joined up with the duo. Bunny found Tiger badly hurt which he told the truth of his declining power. Tiger confessed that he enjoyed the time together as a team and was even happy of Bunny calling his real name.

The heroes and Kaede arrived to see Tiger smile before he is gone...

Tiger is dead!? But the time of mourning have to wait as the heroes now has to battle Maverick and expose his evil plot. When Tiger first appeared, I find him to be out of touch as he has to compete with better and stronger heroes. As the story goes, he has gained my respect of being a worthy friend and partner to the others. He touched everyone from Blue Rose, Dragon Kid, Cyclone Origami and Bunny. Having to do the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone make me a hero in my book!

Next week is the final episode! Don't give up, Heroes! For Tiger!! For Everyone!!

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