Monday, August 29, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 22-Tiger vs Bunny

Tiger activated his power and confronted the heroes. He tried to convince them that he is their friend but they are unmoved. Bunny was ordered by Maverick to stand-by as he watch the event.

Tiger then spoke to Dragon Kid about her hairpin, Blue Rose's wish to be a singer and Origami's fear.

They accused Tiger of being a stalker which make matters worse. Sky High caught hold of him when suddenly Kaede showed up. She tried to convince them the truth but no one listened. She released her NEXT power in anger which restored the heroes' memories.

The heroes now remembered Tiger and was wondering what they were doing here in the first place. Kaede reprimanded Tiger for not telling her the truth of him being a hero. Tiger explained that he does not want her to be worried about him.

Tiger then asked her how did she restore their memories. She recalled Maverick touching her head earlier which somehow copied the abilities to her. Tiger explained to the heroes that Maverick is responsible for everything and they must now convince Bunny about the truth.

Bunny appeared and Kaede tried to use her power again however it didn't work as Sky High touched her earlier. Tiger lure Bunny away from the rooftop and avoid his detection. He managed to find his power suit and was surprised that Dr Saito remember him too.

Tiger took his bike and lure Bunny to the streets. After several close shaves, they arrived near the harbour and battled. Meanwhile, the Black Tiger arrived at the rooftop and confronted the heroes. Sky High removed Black Tiger's mask and everyone was shocked for a moment.

Tiger tried to hard to make Bunny remember but to no avail. Finally, they activated their Good Luck Mode and clash at the open bridge...

Like I said, Kaede is the key and restored the memories of the heroes minus Bunny. If she restored Bunny's memories that this series will have ended in two weeks time. But now Tiger will have to make Bunny remember the old fashioned way-Beat the crap out of him. (It's an old anime clique!)

Maverick must have probably kidnapped Kaede based on the next episode preview, Tiger and hopefully a restored Bunny will have to take down Maverick and rescue her. The last scene at the end remind me of clashes between rivals in several Sunrise shows-Gundam, Dunbile, Mai Otome, etc...(What do you expect? It's Sunrise!)

I think most of you are aware that the last two episodes (24 and 25) will be shown in theaters in Japan. I am not sure whether it will be broadcast on television but let's hope it does. Otherwise how are we suppose to know the ending of this show from overseas?!

P.S. I got a feeling that Black Tiger is not Human...(Something metal, I guess?)

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