Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 8-Follow that Bride!

Akabane accompanied Azusa, Makoto and Miki for a photo shoot in a church. Azusa wore a wedding dress and was stunning in it.

During lunch, Azusa took a phone call and went outside the church. She knocked into a bride who dropped a wedding ring along the way.

Suddenly, a group of Men in black suits (MIB) mistaken Azusa as the bride and abducted her away, leaving her cell phone behind. Makoto witnessed it and immediately informed Akabane which they followed suit.

After realising that Azusa was not the real bride, they dropped her off to a different part of the city. The bride was found by the MIB and claimed she refused her parents' arrange marriage to an unknown stranger. She want to return the wedding ring however she lost it which the MIB realised it was sitill with Azusa.

Azusa realised she is lost but stop to help an old lady find her son. Meanwhile Makoto and Akabane found the MIB and started to chase them. After helping the old lady, a pair of siblings lost their mother which she took them to Chinatown to find their mother.

Makoto confronted the MIB but was too late to find Azusa. After that, Azusa began to help people along the way including an artist, some tourists and even some circus animals. Miki played her part and charm the photographer into taking photos of her which she later suggested to go outside for the photo shoot.

Azusa helped a fortune teller to look after his shop. A man in white claimed he has trouble with his fiance and asked for her advice. She advised him to go to the harbour to find his answer. (She make that up!)

Soon everyone in town was curious over the big chase and started joining in. Azusa finally found the bride when Miki was having a photo shoot outside and return the ring back to her. The bride was about to return the ring back to the MIB when the man in white approached her.

She realised the man is handsome and is a heir to an oil company. She accepted his proposal and they thank Azusa for getting them together.

A few days later, Azusa's popularity went up due to her adventures in town. They even found out the wedding couple has finally tied the knot and paid for all the damages Makoto and the MIB did in Chinatown. Azusa received a mail from her friend who claim that if a girl worn a wedding dress with no intention of marriage, her marriage will be delayed. Everyone laugh at her after that...

This whole episode is like an episode of Ranma with everyone just following the crowd blindly which led to a huge gathering. Azusa is beautiful in the wedding dress and everywhere she goes, heads turns! Although her sense of direction is really bad but the luck she gave to people is amazing. Everyone who come in contact with her will have good luck which was fun to watch.

Hopefully the story will go back to the remaining girls working their way to be top idol without less distraction. Based the next episode preview, it will be about Ami and Mami and maybe we can see some friction as now they are rivals under one roof.

P.S: Azusa's image song is really nice, maybe I will get it when I got the chance!

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