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Hall of Anime Fame's 1st Year Anniversay-A look-back to a year's work!

Congrats! We are one year old! I can't believe it that it has been a year already! When I first started this blog, I thought it won't last long and will obscure to cyberspace but thank to you viewers, we make it today!

So what I am going do for this event? We were now go back to August 2010 and see how Hall of Anime Fame started from a humble beginning to a site that people love coming back to!
My first video game review-ACE: Rebirth

Azu-Nyan won the Saimoe 2010!

The kiss of 2010! video review...

Aug 2010: The day of my first post which is just an introduction of the blog. I was experimenting with many ideas-like following the Saimoe Polls, a game preview of ACE: Rebirth, Bleach and Naruto Manga Reviews and Anime reviews before deciding on how to do my blog and become the blog you know today. Even a video review of Gokaiger was done but it was pain-staking and my movie maker died on me which I hope I could rectify the problem in the near future.

If the English version is out, I hope they solve the camera problem.

Sept 2010: Sega announced the next Installment of the Ryu ga to Gokuto AKA Yakuza and it was a shock that Kiryu are going to battle zombies in the city with heavy firepower. I played the game after months of delay due to the Japan twin disasters. It was pretty good despite the camera angel. I actually enjoyed using pistols more than shotguns and machines rifles due it is infinite ammo and accuracy. The plot is a bit silly and the side quests were repetitive (Shooting down number of zombies, escorting someone) Overall, I am fine with it and if you just want to have some fun shooting down the undead, knock yourself off.
I like this picture of Astera and put it as my banner.
Mina want to fly with the moon.

Senjou no Vakyrie 3...Good Game!

A well done fan art of all the leaders of Precure

Oct 2010: I went to Akihabara, Tokyo during my holidays so many things were put on hold. Furthermore, my old desktop died on me and I had to get a new one (Burn my wallet!) But after that, it was smooth sailing and I decided to focus on doing Anime reviews like Super Robot Wars OG2.
Why? Den-O hog with the rest of the riders...

Dec 2010: Kamen Rider 40 years anniversary movie and Gokaiger-Super Sentai 35 years anniversary series.Yes, 2011 is a good year for Toku heroes, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. The 40 years anniversary movie titled-Ozu, Den-O, All riders: Let's Go Kamen Rider was announced which has Ozu and Den-O travelling to 1971 and cause a time paradox in the past. It resulted with the present time change due to Shocker obtaining the Greed Medals and Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo brainwashed. Well, I will talk more about the movie when the DVD is out next month.

Best Crossover for Toku Series!

Gokaiger is the 35th entries to the Super Sentai team. When it was announced that the Gokaiger has the power to transform to previous teams, I was thinking Kamen Rider Decade and the screw up plot it has. But then I was wrong and now with 26 episodes already shown, I enjoyed it more than Decade due to the continuity to the previous series. With previous sentai alumni appearing in the show and a crossover movie with the previous team, I should say that Gokaiger has yet to disappoint me!

Mar 2011: No one can forgot that fateful day of 11 March 2011 when Japan was hit by a huge tsunami, an earthquake of 9.0 magnetite and a possible nuclear meltdown in Fukushima. It cause thousands of death and millions of people's lives to change drastically. Within the next few months, Japan slowly rebuilt their lives again and with the support of the whole world and the 2-D worlds (Anime characters like Doraemon and Pikachu and Toku characters like Kamen Rider and Gokaiger) also lend a helping hand for them to get their lives again.

It also cause many events and shows to be put on hold or changes in content. (Example: In Precure DX3 movie, a scene of a large tsunami destroying the town was removed from it's original cut.) My friend who has relatives there, informed me that lives are slowly building back and the people are more united than ever. It has been five months since that day and hopefully they can go back to being a wonderful group of people when I visited the next time around.

Apr 2011: Now I decided to do the first three episodes of a new show every season. There were quite a few titles that I did. But these are the few titles that struck on my head.

Tiger and Bunny: When I first watch it, I thought it was about the cameraman following the heroes in their daily lives. But it was different and yet it shows how a hero should be. Should he follow the principles and responsibilities of having these powers or be another corporate icon for the business world?

Now with the show reaching it's climax soon, what I predicated before, came true! (Go and read my First Impressions) There are Super Villains and corporate control over the heroes. Tiger is losing his powers and Bunny being brainwashed. Let's hope Sunrise can deliver a satisfied ending to this pair of mismatched heroes. (Some people told me it's like Mai Otome but with men!)

X-Men: I kindly like this X-Men series as there was not much focused on Wolverine but more on Cyclops, Emma Frost and Professor X. Although they spent almost two-third of the series in an underground lab, the plot kept changing and more things are at stake till the climax.

Although I didn't review this show but I kept watching it every week and it was pretty good at the end with other X-Men guest stars like Rouge, Nightcrawler and even Deadpool and Iron Man make an appearance! Now with Blade still airing, I too enjoyed it's kick ass moments. (Through I wonder, why Wolverine is in Blade's show too?!)

Dog Days: I was thinking of the movie-Cats and Dogs as it has a similar theme to it. However, they are not really mortal enemies but neighbouring countries whose rulers has some misunderstandings.
The plot which is similar to Zero no Tsukaima has it's own charm due to the characters involved.

Millhore voiced by Horie Yui was just being Horie Yui with her bubbly and kind personality. Leonmichelis or Leon for short voiced by Koshimizu Ami was great with her cool and sexy voice. Shinku voiced by Miyamo Mamoru proves that he can voice carefree characters with a sense of justice and can be comical sometimes. Through the ending is left with a hope of a second season, I hope they could do a more realistic plot unlike the fortune telling that started this whole mess in the first place.

July 2011: Precure DX3 movie review which is up to date my longest review and I posted a total of 69 pictures based on the movie. I enjoyed Precure since the first season. However it was Yes! Precure 5 which actually turn the series into a franchise and the crossover which some people might not know that the crossover started in the Precure 5 Gogo mini movie. A five minute movie which has the three teams join forces together. DX1 was the official full length cross-over and after that they are known as Precure All-Stars just like Kamen Rider is called All Riders.

Aug 2011: An afternoon with Itou Shizuka at STGC. Yeah, I won't forget that day. As I explained in my previous post, I brag with my friends that if she come to Singapore, I will go and true to my words, I was there! When Shizuka appeared, she was in a white Yukata and is a pleasant lady. I even get to say some encouraging words to her which she thank me! The only down sight was no photo-taking was allowed which was a real buzz kill. I knew there is something called copyrights, but come on, how can you have fans when you don't allow fans to take a memento of the event. Well, that's my two cents, anyway.

So what will be next for Hall of Anime Fame? Next month we will have a preview of the upcoming Autumn New Shows like Fate Zero, the new Gundam AGE and a particular show Maken-Ki which I read the manga are some of the shows showing. The Saimoe 2011 which is reaching it's climax finale, a movie review and anything interesting that I pick up along the way.

Thanks to you all and hope all of you can support me in the next coming year!

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