Thursday, September 9, 2010

Strike Witches Ep 10- Coyote Wild

Let my witches go!!!
Mio was practicing her sword and blast through the ocean. She felt disappointed and mumbled "It's inevitable." Meanwhile Minna proposed an operation to free an Island occupied by Neuroi. The higher ranks told Minna that they were to bring a Foreign Witch to join this operation.

Hanna Marseille. A top Ace from the Storm Witches stationed in Africa and former teammates to Erica and Barkhorn. However Barkhorn don't see eye to eye and got into a small scuffle with Hanna.

The operation which required two witches to enter a heavily defense fortress was explained. Erica volunteered to join with Hanna and they began their training together.

During the training, Hanna pointed her rifle at Erica and play a fool with her. Minna decided to punish them for insubordination and the two girls were made to sleep in the same room till the operation begin.

Hanna was determined to prove that she is better with Erica and compete in everything. However she lost the bust size to Shirely...

Erica found Barkhorn snooping outside their room and Barkhorn want Hanna's Autograph for her sister. Hanna rejected it and Erica bet with Hanna to give her autograph after the operation end.

The operation begin and the two witches destroyed the Neuroi with ease and it was a tie.

They began a dog fight with the rest watching. Finally both of them ran out of bullets and it was a tie again.
Face Off!- The Moe Version

Hanna was ready to leave when she passed a signed photo for Minna to pass to Barkhorn.

Erica tried to clean her room but give up after two minutes...

This episode is not bad with Itou Shizuka (One of my favourite Seiyuu) playing a self centred character which I like a lot. Erica didn't really care about winning and all she want is the war to end so she can go back being her slack self. The dog fight was cool with the Opening song (instrumental ver) behind it.

The next episode is the prelude to the final battle and Mio is feeling uneasy...

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