Thursday, September 9, 2010

Strike Witches Ep 9 - Treasure Island (Witches Style)

Perrine was helping around the rebuilding of Galia when a small girl brought her to see a broken bridge. The bridge was destroyed by Neuroi previously and the girl's friends were unable to go to school which is on the another side.

Later, the witches began to attack a Neuroi and Yoshika was able to use Shin Den freely. When the Neuroi damaged a bridge, Perrine was furious and managed to reveal the core. The Neuroi was quickly destroyed and the girls returned back.

Perrine was still feeling down and in her room, she even consider of selling her family heirloom-A rapier to rebuilt the bridge when Yoshika broke the news that they are going to the beach tomorrow.
It's Swamp Thing in a Bikini!

The witches were enjoying their R & R except Yoshika, Lynne and Perrine who are training in water survival. After that, Luchhin found a treasure chest and she informed Yoshika, Lynne and Perrine who tried to bring up the chest. Perrine used all her strength to bring it out and after opening chest after chest, a small map was found.
Best Shot in the Season! Wish I can kiss both of them...

The map lead them to an underground cave and they began exploring it. The other witches realized that they have not returned also followed suit. After getting doused in wine while saving Minna, Mio became drunk and kiss Mina in the lips. Mio went amok and ran into the cave.

Perrine and the others found a room with a statue sitting on a throne. The statue began to move after Lucchin played around. Perrine found a rapier and destroy the statue. A door was revealed and in it was a garden of herbs and spices. Perrine was disappointed but Mio who was sober already, told her that the best treasure in the world is her friends who care for her.

Later, Perrine recieved a letter and a photo of the repair bridge was in it. She was more motivated to defeat the Neuroi. The last scene was Minna sitting in the beach, sulking herself...
Hey Minna, Want to sing 'Fly me to the Moon' with me?
A episode which the Neuroi are not the enemy, overall the only selling point is the kissing scene.
Next Episode is about Erica and Barkhorn and 500 shot down...

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  1. wow wow the who and the who kiss they r both girl right?