Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kamen Rider Ozu Ep 1-Kill a monster and get 1000 Silver Coins! Aka Talk to the Hand!

This is my impression of the new Kamen Rider Series-Kamen Rider Ozu. Our new hero, Hino Eiji is a wanderer like Inu Takumi but he carry only a few coins and a spare boxer shorts. Not really the hero type but let's see what he got.

The story begin with Eiji working as a security guard in a museum and after being drugged by his fellow colleagues, they began to steal the museum artifacts. A giant chest was opened by a floating hand?! Yes, the hand named Ankh released the seal on the chest and four monsters appeared. A group of masked bikers tried to take down the monsters but were defeated, save one.

Eiji woke up in his boxer shorts and was shocked to see the police in the museum.
After answering some questions from Shingo, a detective. Eiji left the place and in the midst found a gold coin with a red eagle emblem on it. Eiji accidentally drop the coin under a vending machine (Which is actually the Ozu Bike). He tried to pick it up and Ankh got caught underneath.

Lady! Put down the Vending Machine!
A lady named Hina misheard Eiji's cries and she immediately lift the vending machine. She scream when she saw Ankh and fled. Eiji was shocked by Ankh's appearance too and ran away with the coin.

Aliens-The mummy version?!
Ankh began to search for Eiji and the four monsters who escaped (Called Greed by the mysterious boss of the masked bikers) were looking for Ankh. One of them went to a jewellery store and slot a coin into a woman's head. (This is weird!) A mummy like creature came out of the lady and started eating all the jewelleries. The creature turned into a praying mantis like monster and started attacking people. Shingo and his partner chase after the monster and in the chaos, Eiji was shocked by the monster.

Shingo and his partner were knocked unconscious. Eiji tried to stop the monster and was flung away. Ankh caught hold of him and place a belt on Eiji's wrist. He instructed him to insert the eagle coin with two more coins-a tiger and a grasshopper.
Talk to the Hand!
Ore San...Wrong Show!

A kick give you 200 Silver Coins!
A kill give you 1000 Silver Coins!

Ozu make easy job to the monster after inserting a mantis coin. He saw Ankh merging with Shingo and his hair turned blond! Shingo's cell phone rang and it was Hina. The mystery man bake a cake and named it Ozu...
Look, my new fashion statement-Creepy Hand and Blonde Hair!

First it was cards, then USB sticks, now coins!? I kinda of laugh at it when Ozu damaged the mantis monster and coins started spilling out of it. It reminded me of the Dragon Quest Sword Wii game where you equipped this item and coins were start spilling each time you hit a creature.

The Greed monsters are Imajins except that they don't ask for your wishes and just slot a coin in your head. Wonder which is worst? A imajin entering your body or a coin slot in your head?

Eiji, not really Shotarou or even Tsukasa. He is more modest than both of them and given his carefree character, he is more closer to Hibiki except his first appearance is appearing in his shorts! The mysterious man who make a cake while singing "Happy Birthday".  He is creepy like Kagami's Dad from Kabuto.

Overall, not a rider kick appeared. So I will see how it goes for the next episode...

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  1. Classic mask rider still owned, this mask rider armor doesnt look nice to me