Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 28 Top 5 Moments: Love has no Boundaries!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 28 and Homare's dog Mogu has a love crush on a beautiful cat!?

No 5: Bishin's Summon scene.

Seriously...who find this creepy?

Given that this is Bishin's official summoning of an Oshimaida, Bishin portrayed the angst teen with the bandages and even the tearing of the screen which is really creepy but then Bishin's love for Harry has no boundaries as nothing is going stop Bishin from getting Harry back.

No 4: Time to shape up, Mogu!

Mogu fall head over heels of a beautiful cat named Lilly after a TV commercial. The girls found out that a pet competition is held for the winner to work with Lilly in the next commercial. This led the girls to train Mogu like running an obstacle course, Emiru dressing up as a monster (which lead to a flashback of Masato scolding her as kids) and dress up by Harry.

No 3: The Pet Competition!

Papple, High Heels are a No-no when running!

The girls arrived to find that Papple brought her own dog, Haru to join the competition which scared Mogu a bit. But during the obstacle course which was hilarious that Papple tripped due to her high heels and Mogu getting all fired up after seeing Lilly's picture and got first place in the obstacle course.

No 2: Mogu saved the day!

During the battle with the Oshimaida, Mogu saw a little girl left behind but was too scared to do anything. But when the Oshimaida tried to approach the little girl, Mogu plucked his courage and tried to protect her.

Mogu take the girl to safety as the Cures used this chance to purify the Oshimaida in the process.

No 1: Love has no boundaries!

During the episode, Ruru does not understand the logic of two different species (In the case of Mogu and Lilly) to have feelings with each other. Emiru explained that she like Ruru even though she is a
android and shouldn't let their background stop them from pursing what they love.

After the battle, the little girl and her mother thanked Homare and Mogu when they realised that Lilly is the little girl's owner. This make Mogu all nervous and Lilly kissed him on the cheeks and the girls all cheered for Mogu.

Ruru also understand that love has no boundaries and confessed to Emiru that she like her too. (I am pretty sure it is more like a good friend or surrogate sister) Anyway, all ends well for everyone...

This episode like the previous episode is a filler with little to none of plot points to advance the main story. Although Mogu and Hug-Tan are adorable in this episode and I see a bit of my own dog in Mogu since I recently lost my own dog two months ago due to old age.

Ruru's conflict of love has no boundaries is understandable as she is an android with logic thinking than a human but it probably gave her more feelings since we all know that Dr Trauma is her Creator/Father from last episode so this might give her more strength to maybe save Dr Trauma's soul when they meet again.

Overall, other than Bishin is still obsessed with Harry like a stalker, this episode is all right for a filler if you are an animal person or like a sweet love story. Next episode, the girls visited Hana's grandmother who owned a sweets shop! (More filler?) Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. In September 9, "HUGtto Precure" will receive an new item: Memorial Cure Clock...

  2. Great review as always. When you mentioned about the loss of your dog two months ago, I felt bad for you. Sending my condolences to you and your family.