Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Robot Girls Z Plus Ep 5 and Ep 6 FINAL Review: The Unlikely Hero!

Hi everyone! This is my review of Robot Girls Z Plus episode 5 and episode 6!

Both Team Z and Team G went to the Mayor's office to collect their rewards for saving the city. However it is a trap as the mayor is Super Space Beast Gilgil Ganko (Gigilgan in the original canon) in disguise and has used her powers to eliminate the Robot Girls.

Everyone included Team LOD and Team Go were also captured and Ganko broadcast to the city to witness the public execution of the girls. When Ganko has seem to kill them, Geccha's bulters arrived to save them.

The girls tried to defeat Ganko but she was too strong for them. Suddenly a familiar figure (Dr Yumi) gave Team Z a power up and they became Devil Wings Z Chan, Great Booster Gren Chan and Double Spacer Grenda Chan.

Team Z was winning and tried to defeat Ganko with Photonic Dynamic Special however it was too slow and Ganko avoid it. But Bossborokko used a mirror to deflect it and finally Ganko was defeated.

If you looked closely, there are a lot of easter eggs in this picture. Can you spot them all?

Later, the city erected a statue of Bossborokko for saving the city which got Z Chan and her into a fight and everything went back to normal as usual...

Ganko or Gigilan was the main monster for the movie-Great Mazinger vs Getta Robo and if you played some of the early Super Robot games-you do encounter this character which is one of the toughest enemies.

Here, Gigilan is a politician who used her powers to gain support of the people and to elimate the Robot Girls who are seem as nothing more than being WMDs. But the best part is Team Z gaining their power up which Dr Yumi gave them what looked like the face of Devilman. (Another famous Nagai Go manga and Mazinger did battle him in the Mazinger Z vs Devilman)

Z Chan became Devil Wing Z Chan which looked like a tone down Mazinkaiser, Great Booster Gre Chan which is the Great Booster locked onto her back and Double Spacer Grenda Chan which I like her being all carefree of her skin tight appearance. Of course, Bossborokko saved everyone by using a mirror (by accident) and defeated Ganko. (Told you Bossborokko will save everyone at the least expected moment!)

So we finally come to the end of the Robot Girls Z Plus series and what do I think about it? I want more of it! Seriously, if this show has a better budget, we can have a real series about the girls in action battling (and destroying) evil monsters and saving the world on a regular basics. However it seems Toei choose the easy route and it became a mini series.

Overall, I see both the first series and this one as one long season despite the short running time. Until we meet again, we thank all the Robot Girls for saving (destroying) the town and the world and if there is a third series, I will definitely follow it again!

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