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Hugtto Precure Ep 27 Top 5 Moments: A New Life is Born!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 27 and Hana's teacher, Uchufuji is having the jitters of being a first time father!

No 5: Teach me, Mr Papa!

Uchufuji was behaving strange at the Hugman store as such Hana's father Shintarou approached him and learn that he is worried of taking care of his first born child when he is born. But after seeing Shintarou giving tips to a couple and their baby, Uchuifuji begged him to train him to be a father.

Of course, Shintarou offered him a day to work at the store while Hana, Saya and Homare went to their teacher's home and helped to do the chores for his wife, Yuka.

No 4: The Final Test: Carrying Hug-Tan!

After Harry and Charaleet got into a little squabble, Uchufuji tried to carry Hug-Tan but she cried in his arms however Charalett carried her with ease. Shintarou explained that babies could sense uncomfortableness if carried wrongly. But when Uchufuji protected Hug-Tan from some boxes, she smiled for him.

Shintarou then told Uchufuji that today's work is to prepare him for his fatherhood which he understand now. It was then Yuka felt her baby is about to give birth and Saya accompanied her to the hospital with Uchufuji meeting them there.

No 3: Be Quiet!

New Eyecatch

Be Quiet and Carry a Stick, Cure Ange said so...

The battle with Dr Trauma was kinda of silly since Cure Ange keep reminding everyone including the villains to be quiet outside the hospital where the babies are sleeping. As such everyone couldn't perform sudden movements although I wonder Cure Macherie and Cure Amour's Twin Love Rock Beat is already making so much noise with their guitar music and firing, wouldn't that have disturb all the babies?

No 2: The Value of Life.

During the delivery of the baby, Saya was holding onto Yuka's hand all these while until Uchufuji took over. She could sense how much pain Yuka is going through and when the baby was safely delivered, Saya was touched in tears of the arrival of a new life.

Saya even asked the doctor is it a tough job delivering babies, the doctor replied it might be tough but it is the best job ever. (Maybe Saya might decided to become a doctor after this incident)

No 1: Ruru is Dr Trauma's Creator/Father!?

When Dr Trauma retreated back to the headquarters, Genos asked why he was not taking seriously in the battle, he replied he know what is like to be a father. He then held a photo of himself and Ruru together...

This episode might be a bit deep for children but for older viewers or even parents who are watching with their kids will understand how Uchufuji and Yuka are going through for their first born child. Uchufuji has the signs of anxiety as he is worried if he can be a good father which is why he looked up at Shintarou on his skills of taking care of babies.

But to be honest, everyone has different experiences of taking a baby and it will take a lot of patience, care and love to raise a child. So Ganbare! Uchufuji Sensei! (I now realized that Uchufuji is voiced by Namikawa Daisuke who is famous for playing Narukami Yu of Persona 4 and Yuka is voiced by Nazuka Kaori who voiced Rizu of Maho Tsukai Precure)

Other than a battle which is bit out of the ordinary, the twist at the end was Dr Trauma is Ruru's creator! Although why Ruru did not recognize him the first time she meet him is a question? Maybe Dr Trauma hold a dark secret about Ruru which she doesn't even know.

Overall, it was a heart-warming episode after a two week break. Next episode, the love train continue with Homare's dog had a crush with a beautiful cat of all creatures?! Until then, see you in the next post!

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