Sunday, September 2, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 29: Girls just want to have Fun!

The girls met their teacher, Sasaki Sensei who reminded them to complete their homework before leaving. Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi and Nao got worried as they had not finished theirs.

Candy and Miyuki found a strange dice and roll it. Everyone got sucked into a strange world and saw Wolfrun, Aka Oni and Majorina there too. Majorina explained the dice is a gateway to her own theme park. She also informed the girls must complete all the games by 6.30 pm or else they will be trapped here forever.

Me! Me! I go first!

Go! Go! Happy!

The girls transformed and began the first game which is Whack-A-Mole. Cure Happy volunteered to play against Majorina. The moles cheated and refused to come out of their holes. Cure Happy used Happy Shower to force them out of their holes and won the game in the end.

Next, Cure Sunny face Wolfrun in a Go-Kart game. Wolfrun cheated but Cure Sunny used Sunny Fire to give a big boost and won the race.

My Precious!!

The next game is Bowling with Aka Oni. Cure Peace was confident as she used to come first in pushing the ball race at school. However the pins guard themselves but Cure Peace electrified her ball and knocked all the pins down. The girls then saw the clock is now 3.00 pm and they quickly rushed to the next game.

This Week Eyecatch-Princess Beauty!


Aka Oni challenged Cure March in a baseball match. She hit the ball out but the scoreboard (which is an Akanbe) blow the ball back. Cure March used March Shoot (With a Header!) and won the game.

Beauty Blizzard-Goggles Version!


Wolfrun challenged Cure Beauty in a swimming race. However there was a shark in Cure Beauty's lane. She freeze the pool with Beauty Blizzard and skate her way to the finish line.

The girls won in every game and finally they arrived at the last game. Majorina turned the Ferris Wheel into an Akanbe and instructed the girls to enter the carriage. The objective is to remind happy at the end of the ride.

The girls saw an image of them being scolded by Sasaki Sensei. They were then reminded of their homework and how they spent the summer lazing around. When they finished the ride, Cure Beauty and Candy remain positive which shocked Majorina and the others.

Cure Beauty told the others they might forget their homework which is their responsibility but as long they know what they should do next, they have nothing to fear. She even told the others she will help them in their homework when this is over.

Two more to go!!!

The others were happy to hear that which angered Majorina. She ordered the Akanbe to attack them. The girls transformed to Princess Form and got two decors after defeating the Akanbe.

The girls returned back and agreed to finish their homework. However they didn't finish it on time and were given extra lessons by Sasaki Sensei...

I like this episode because it reminds me of the silly games they had in the DX3 movie. Although the villains tried to cheat but the girls used their strength and their heads to win every game. But the biggest point was how the girls didn't do their homework and fear of being scolded by their teacher. Although they got extra lessons in the end but I hope they learn their lessons next time. So, kids! Finish your homework before you go and play!

Yayoi is doing Ultra Seven's Emerium Beam Pose!

Nao just love to eat!

Precure Mermaid Form!

Next episode, the girls go for a-round-the world trip and finally the decors are completed!

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