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Hugtto Precure Ep 26 Top 3 Moments: Saya's Goal.

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 26 and the girls visit Saya's actress mother on the set of her new show.

No 3: Onwards to Ohei Studios!

Where is Saya? (The one raising her hand)

Sounds like a particular studio that rythm with "T"

After the girls congrats Saya's drink commercial, she has her doubts of whether to pursue a career in acting as she rarely see her actress mother, Reira at home for advice.

Why is Ruru drooling? I though Androids don't produce sweat or saliva?

Ruru suggested to meet her in person during filming and the girls together with Saya's father visited Ohei Studios on the set of her new show. They even met Ranze who was playing a minor part in the show. (She even ruined Hana's signature boards and accidentally startled Hug-Tan)

But Reira appeared and with her gentle demeanour, she was able to calm Hug-Tan but remained cold and distant towards Saya when they met. However Reira was very professional in her acting and bite off a raw spring onion in style. Although she regret it after that since it taste terrible.

No 2: A Mother's Love.

Saya approached Reira during break and asked about her drink commercial. Reira didn't comment much and claimed it was only adequate. Later Saya was approached some of Reira's colleagues and learn an interesting thing about her mother.

It seems that Reira was determined to be both a professional actress and a mother at the same time however the director was reluctant since it will be hard for Reira to take care of a young Saya. The director gave in and Saya was brought along to the set and became the darling of the staff.

Saya also peeked at Reira in the kitchen as she practiced her kitchen skills for the show since the household was taken care by Saya's father. Saya has more respect for her mother as she really work hard for her career.

No 1: A Daughter's Goal.

For my Mother!!!!!

Jenos appeared and created a Mou-Oshimaida from Ranze (Again!?) and sucked all the Asu energy including Reira. The girls went to battle and Cure Ange who had a new resolve gave all her strength and overthrow the Mou-Oshimaida in an epic smack down.

After the battle and the end of the filming, the girls joined the staff for a Spring Onion meal course (Why is Ruru eating non-stop?) Saya finally told her mother that she is not really sure if acting is her choice but for now, she hope she can act alongside her mother in the future and her mother gave her blessings...

After last week's reveal of Harry's back story, we had a subtle episode but some character development for Saya. Saya still had to content that she is the daughter of Famous Actress Reira and Ranze still claimed that Saya is just lucky that due to her mother.

Although Reira acted indifferent to Saya but she does care about her since the entertainment world is a harsh place and she choose to be both an actress and mother at the same time. But thanks to the support of her husband and understanding staff members, she persevere and got her status today.

Saya knew it is not going to be easy if she choose this acting path but seeing her mother on the TV screen make her want to be next to her as an equal. Let's see how it goes in the 2nd half of the season.

Overall, not an over the top episode like last week but some slice of life moments after all the crazy things the girls went though. Next episode, the girls' form teacher, Uchufuji Sensei is going to be a father. Will things go smooth for the delivery for his wife? (This is Precure, of course things won't go well!) Until then, see you in two weeks time for the next post!

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