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Hugtto Precure Ep 25 Top 4 Moments: The Truth about Harry!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 25 and the girls went to a Summer Night Festival!

No 4: Fun at the Festival!

The girls and Harry with Hug-Tan went to the local night festival and they saw Papple and company setting up stalls at the festival. Papple was also determined to get Ruru and Emiru to join her talent company which the duo declined the offer in the beginning of the episode.

Hug-Tan wanted a pink teddy bear from Papple's stall but Hana failed to draw the winning lots. Hinase used his money and got the winning ticket and he offered the teddy bear to Hana. Although Hana gave to Hug-Tan immediately.

Is Toei trying to pair Hana and Hinase since later Hana passed her apple candy to him before rushing to help Homare and Hinase was reluctant to lick the candy...

The girls also had fun and even Emiru's brother Masato came to the festival with Henri. (Did anyone notice an animation error? Henri was behind the girls when Minase was drawing the lot and he was not in the first photo. But when the girls were at Charalit's stall, Henri was walking with Masato and the girls welcome them like they just met)

No 3: Homare and Harry's back stories.

Hug-Tan had a mosquito bite! Quick, Immediate First Aid!

The girls went to get more snacks, leaving Homare and Harry alone together, Homare asked him about his family which he replied he is an orphan and in his timeline, he is a hamster who help other hamsters like an older sibling.

Homare also answered that her parents were divorced and she is staying with her mother and grandparents. Which I am okay with their back stories since Miki from Fresh Precure has divorced parents too. It also showed that not everything is Sunshine and Rainbows for everyone.

No 2: Bishin revealed Harry's true identify!

Bishin appeared in front of Harry and Homare and Harry seemed to know Bishin personally. He immediately draw Bishin away from Homare as the rest of the girls rushed to the scene.

Bishin caught hold of Harry and she revealed that Harry is a former member of Criasu Corporation which we kindly of guess that Harry has some connection with Criasu since he knew the in and out and when he saw Dr Truma last episode which it was revealed that Harry was experiment upon by Dr Truma and George.

Bishin then removed Harry's necklace and he turned into a crazed monster. The girls transformed but do not want to hurt Harry. Cure Etolie used her Melody sword to block his attacks and even used her aura to shield Harry's blast.

No 1:  The Mysterious Rescuer and Bishin's Obsession.

Cure Etolie then offered her hand to Harry which he suddenly recalled a similar hand came to his cage and save him from madness. Harry was weakened and the girls purified him.

Bishin tried to kill Cure Etolie but Harry protected her. He told Bishin that he is no more a Criasu employer and he will fight against them now. Bishin was fueled with anger and disappointment although I find Bishin's behaviour to akin to how a crazed ex-lover will react when her boyfriend is with another woman and she want to murder the new girlfriend.

Although I am not sure Bishin is male or female since the appearance looked male and Arai Satomi is voicing Bishin. Anyway, I am pretty sure that Bishin is probably going to make life miserable for Harry and Homare in future episodes...

Despite a Night Festival episode after last week's similar theme, this episode is on Harry and Homare's relationship. It is pretty clear that Homare has a crush on Harry but he acted indifferent since he has quite a dark past.

So when Bishin revealed his identify to the girls, Homare was shaken but being the tough girl she is, she was able to get through to Harry when he become a monster. Although the question of who was that mysterious person who saved Harry in the past and cause him to change sides? An older Hug-Tan, the Golden Lady or someone completely new?

Not sure if Bishin has the same powers to corrupt people which we might have to wait and see but looking at Bishin tormenting Harry, it is clear that her power level cannot be underestimate and is probably Cure Etolie's rival in the future.

At least Saya finally star in that drink commerical...

Overall, this episode is a step up from last week's episode and next week, it is a Saya focused episode (Finally!) which the girls went to see Saya's actress mother Reira on the set of her latest movie. Saya has also finally find what she want to do in her life?! Until then, see you in the next post!

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