Monday, July 16, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 24 Top 4 Moments: Fascinating Night Pool!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 24 and it is the start of the summer season!

No 4: This is not my Night Pool!

Hana was excited for the upcoming night pool festival organized by the local town community. However the theme was not attractive to attract a bigger crowd as such the girls were given a budget by the community to make it more stylish. (The only laughable point was Hana's jaws drop in comical sense like Luffy)

No 3: New and Reformed Generals!

You know what, Papple is my favourite General for this Season!

Ristle reintroduced George to the new Criasu Corporation with Jenos, Bishin and Dr Traum as the new generals. On the other side, the girls met a reformed Charalit who became a small time Internet celebrity and Papple who now opened a talent agency and want to scout Emiru and Papple as their first client at the end of the episode.

Even Daigan (Which I am surprised that he is still alive after last week's apparent death) showed up at the end and thanked Saya for trying to save him.

No 2: Rock and Rock!


Jenos is quite nice to remind the girls that there is a fight to settle about...

Emiru and Ruru used the Mirai Pad to transform to singing idols and put up a live performance at the pool. But when Jenos created an Oshimaida out of two boys, the people's Mirai energy were being sucked away (making Hana getting some PTSD moments) but Emiru and Ruru was able to used their energy and singing to drive off the darkness.

Together with the other three, they battle the Oshimaida with Cure Macherie and Cure Armor using their solo and finisher attackers.

No 1: Hana's Burden.

During the episode, Hana tried to hide her fear from everyone by putting up a positive attitude. But when she started remembering of her past and how George is revealed to be the mastermind, she felt that she has to work even harder to protect everyone. Especially when Jenos created the Oshimaida and she was shaken by it.

Although the other girls did not think it was an issue, Hana's mother Sumire was concerned of her daughter's change of attitude. Even though at the end of the episode, Hana was enjoying herself with the others, it is just a matter of time Hana will have a nervous breakdown which I am suspecting it was all part of George's plan. (Imagine if Hana reach an all-time low, her negative energy might be what George need for his master plan)

Overall, this episode is more of an aftermath after last week's plot twist. As the girls were getting on with their lives, Hana is the only one who is truly affected since George was someone she confine with in the beginning and Hana felt betrayed about it.

But the summer is only getting started as the girls goes to an actual night festival and tensions between Homare and Harry rises. However Bishin make her move and Harry's dark secret is finally revealed. Until then, see you in the next post!

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