Monday, January 22, 2018

Kira Kira Precure Ep 48 Review: Let's Mix the World Together!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 48 and it is the final battle with Elysio!

The girls rode their Crystal animals into battle but Elysio who has fused Noir and Lumiere into his body, became a more powerful enemy!

Now why the girls used such physical attacks in the beginning of the series is really a big question mark..

The girls tried everything-ever physical attacks (Finally!) but Elysio was too strong. He created a giant cake to crash into the town and the girls combined their powers to push it back. As the two forces collided, Kiraru energy started to spread throughout the town and restoring everyone memories.

The townspeople also began to cheer for the girls and eventually drove Elysio out of the stratosphere. Elysio was weaken but not defeated, pulled out his last trick-Creating a black hole and sucked the girls including the entire Earth into his body.

This is a very awesome screenshot!

Elysio's body floated aimlessly in space as the girls are trapped in bubbles. They saw their loved ones and the townspeople were being absorbed into the black hole. However Elder appeared and since he has no physical body, he is not affected and created enough Kiraru energy to free the girls.

The girls realised the people were turned into Kiraru energy but the people encourage the girls not to give up. Everyone offered their Kiraru energy to the girls to break free however it is not enough. They spotted Elysio who is also trapped in his own bubble and is preparing to accept his fate when Cure Whip touched his bubble.

The girls saw how Elysio was created by Noir as his spawn and is responsible for corrupting Bibbury, Pikario and Grave. Elysio has also seen humans' love and hatred which make him filled with contempt over the entire world.

Cure Whip held Elysio's Kiraru energy which is shaped like Lumiere's cupcake and she told him that Noir and Lumiere's Kiraru energy created him and he too has a heart. Cure Whip told him that everybody love is different but as long as we connect each other with sweets the world will smile together. Elysio offered his Kiraru energy and together with the whole world, the girls created the Animal Planet Sweet and restore the world back.

As the girls fell back to Earth, Elysio admitted defeat and told the girls to make the world a better place. He then released Noir and Lumiere from the cards and disappeared.

Cure Whip saw a giant cake on top of their Patisserie which the girls make it earlier and she gave a big blow to the candles before they landed on the ground. Ichika opened the Patisserie and saw her parents and the town people all wishing her happy birthday...

What a final battle! It looked like Toei gave the staff a bigger budget and the girls were finally able to do physical attacks and what a twist, Elsyio threw his last tantrum and sucked the whole freaking Earth into his body.

Elysio's motives are not really wrong since it is a reflection of our current society why wars and conflicts happened in the first place. Which is because of love and hate. Elysio's ideal of making a world without conflict might be realistic however without any emotions, everything will halt to a standstill. (Yeah, I am preaching what I said in the previous episode's review!)

Of course, Cure Whip convince him that everyone love and ideals are different but that what make the world special and unique. Of course with some sweets, everyone can stand up with a smile.

Hello? You are...?

So the final battle is over as the girls prepare their next step in life. However we have one more extra boss to battle and it is Elder!? Will Himari become a sweet scientist? Will Aoi get her singing career? Will Akira and Yukari finally make out? Will Ciel make that perfect sweet? Will Ichika...(I don't know what she want so let's see what the finale awaits us)

Until then, see you in the finale next week!


  1. It's the pink girl from Hugtto. Look at the skirt and compare it to here:

  2. Phew, I’m SO relieved that it’s over, mainly because I’ve never been more irked at a Precure season’s final battle since Forever Lovely vs Red. Even last years’ Deusmast vs the MTP trio HAD this “emotional” factor where after the battle Mirai, Riko & Kotoha got separated and settled in their original homeworlds and never met each other again until they grew into adults (with Kotoha the exception); here, the animation was STILL wonky, the final battle power-up popped outta nowhere & why Toei only chose to incorporate close combat that was virtually absent throughout the entire season in the very last minute?? And here comes the part that turned me off: C’MON MAN! What’s with that planet-sized dessert they made with that repetitive “KirakiraKiraru, Kirakiraru~~” sentence not heard since the first 10 episodes?? If you want to emphasize the sweets theme of the season, why choose THAT way?? Even if it’s to restore the Earth (which Elisio somehow swallowed it, a feat suddenly unparalleled by a LONG list of past Precure villains despite Noir’s lame background and his unexplained powers) it only made the Kirakira Precures even more pathetic because Forever Lovely’s finisher did sooth down Red’s rage while it took a “heart-to-heart” session to “tame” Elisio assisted by the apparitions of Pikario & Bibury.

    However, the OST for this episode was on point, and it’s just sweet to see Ichika finally enjoying her late birthday! :D

    … And when I thought there’ll be no more facepalming moments, Chourou is the TRUE final villain that Ichika & co. has to face? Good lord, I can’t even comprehend such ridiculousness. (And here’s the sad part: We’ll probably NEVER gonna see Ichika & co. growing into adults as we did with Haruka & Mirai. Besides, it’s highly possible that Nono Hana (Hugtto Precure’s protagonist) won’t be having a cameo in Kirakira Precure unlike Ichika in MTP finale, OR she’ll assist them in the last minute as Yell like Whip helping the MTP trio, who knows.)

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      (I am apologized to Kragito for this post, I hope you are excited to next serie like me)

  3. I am glad that you are amused to this ep.