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Hugtto Precure Ep 23 Top 5 Moments: New Status Quo!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 23 and things are about to change for the girls!

No 5: A new Opening and Ending!

Ruru in Gothic Clothing..Tamura Yukari is known for wearing Gothic Clothing in Real Life too.

Definitely from the Beatles' Abbey Road Album.

The Opening now include Ruru and Emiru as expected but new generals have arrived for our girls to battle! Although I am expecting another change of the opening with probably the girls getting a new power-up later in the series and maybe an answer to Hug-Tan and the Mysterious Gold Lady.

No 4: Five Minutes? More like Five Seconds!

I didn't see this coming. Daigan who claimed he can take down the girls in five minutes was immediately ambushed after creating an Oshimaida. The attacker was a new general, Dr Traum who is the Mad Scientist of Criasu Corporation.

Furthermore, when Cure Ange tried to heal Daigan, his body actually burned to nothing which is pretty dark and sad that Daigan was just a throw away character. (Probably why his Oshimaida summoning was very plain compared to the previous two generals)

Dr Traum immediately increased the power of the Oshimaida now calling Mou Oshimaida and the girls were completely overwhelmed by it.

No 3: George finally make a move!

Earlier in the episode, Hana met George under a shelter and he spoke of his dreams of creating an ideal world where everyone can smile. Hana liked the idea but he disappeared after that.

Later George reappeared during the battle and Harry saw him carrying a strange book and immediately warned the girls that he is George Cry-the head of Criasu Corporation! George used his powers and took all the Mirai Crystals from the girls (which forced the girls to de-transformed) and froze the world into a similar state like Harry's future!

George even monologue that his ideal world is to have everything froze in time to maintain the beauty of it. Yeah, he is clearly not right in the mind somewhere...

No 2: Hana's Dark Past.

As George tried to take Hug-Tan away as she was not affected by the time freeze, she started crying and calling the girls' names. But strangely, she called Mama for Hana and somehow, Hana started remembering how she tried to defend a girl from bullies and being ridiculed from her peers.

It's also shown how Cure Yell has incredible Will Power to break such a powerful spell.

Her mother actually comforted her that she did the right thing and together with Hana's pleas, Cure Yell was able to break the spell and freed everyone. Somehow Dr Traum recognize Harry in Hamster form..

George was surprised by Cure Yell' strength and retreated. The Mirai Crystals gave the girls more power and managed to defeat the Mou Oshimaida!

No 1: The new Status Quo!

George was welcomed back by Jenos as he watched the previous battle. He find Cure Yell to be interesting and decided to focus on her instead. Ristle went to a cell and released a new general, Bishin.

Harry was monologuing to himself as he was carrying the White Mirai Crystal which Criasu Corporation is after it. He wondered why nothing is going accordingly to the prophecy. Homare found him which again he tried to shun it off as nothing although Homare make him do a pinkie promise to tell them anything important to her and the girls.

Although the girls are worried that Criasu Corporation will double their efforts to defeat them, Hana cheered them up as they are making plans for the summer holidays and the girls agreed to take the short break for now. Not knowing that the White Mirai Crystal in Harry's pocket is glowing...

This New Ending is Pretty Catchy and Energetic!

New Enemies, New Challenges and we haven't even reach the midway of the season! Although I am happy that the main plot is developing since George has returned to claim his seat. But a few questions still lingered.

Why did Ristle create a puppet leader before George's return? In a previous episode, George met Harry and Hug-Tan in the Supermarket and Harry didn't mention a thing of George being the Big Bad. It was until Harry saw George holding that strange black book that he then recognize him as George Cry.

George's ideal world is very similar to Elysio from the previous season of how the world become a better place when there's no conflict since time has freeze everything and to maintain eternal beauty. But his motives is still unknown for having such an ambition.

Although I got a feeling that George is not the true Big Bad but Ristle could be the one pulling all the strings since he is the one that come up with all the schemes. (Guys, it's Miki Shinichiro! He voiced Zamasu in Dragonball Super which is one of the most dangerous villains in recent years so I am expecting something similar from Ristle too)

Hana's past is also interesting which probably explained why she might have an inferior complex and always put a positive front in front of everyone. Hana tried to defend a girl from bullies and probably got isolated by her peers. Her mother encouraged her that she did the right thing however I am guessing this trauma is probably come back to haunt her in a future episode. (Although I am worried that Hana might end up stealing the spotlight from the others since George find her fascinating)

Dr Traum is creepy and could be Cure Ange's opposite since she tried to save Daigan but it was too late for him. Poor Daigan for bitting the dust without doing anything at all. But with the Oshimaida given that extra power-up, it could be time for the girls to get their next power-up in the upcoming episodes too.

Not much is said about Bishin who was released by Ristle although she is voiced by Arai Satomi who voiced Kathy in Mahou Tsukai Precure and "Railgun" fans will know her as the Mikoto-obsessed Kuroko. From her first lines with Ristle, it seems she could be the "Berserker" of the group and who do you think is her opposite in Team Hugtto?

The Girls in Swimsuits! Sorry no is not that kind of show...

Should't Jenos wear something sexier?

So is Bishin a guy or a girl?

Q: So what is Papple been doing after her "Retirement?"
A: You have to Make "Waves" to Blow us away! 

Anyway, it is the start of the Summer Holiday and the girls are going for some fun at the Night Festival! But Jenos is out to spoil their fun and why is Charalit here too? Until then, see you in the next post!

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