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Hugtto Precure Ep 22 Top 8 Moments: A Summon from the Past Part 2

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 22 and the OG Precure team has arrived in Hugtto Precure!

No 8: Arienai! Mechoku!

Team Hugtto was surprised by Cure Black and Cure White's appearances and suprised there are others Precures too. Cure Black was panicking like her usual self while Cure White tried to think through logically.

Cure Macherie immediately rush to her Senior cures asking for a new power-up and it was very awkward for the two seniors. Worse still, Cure Yell was confusing and joined in the panic with Cure Black! (It was really funny to see the two leaders shouting their catchphase in succession!)

No 7: Emiru and Ruru's first argument.

The two seniors cures reverted back to civilian form and gathered at Harry's place. Nagisa still enjoyed her Takoyaki and Honoka with her popcorn made by her juniors. Ruru blamed herself for destroying Emiru's guitar in the last battle but Emiru claimed it was all right but Ruru could not understand Emiru's reasoning and they got into a little argument.

Nagisa told Emiru that it is okay for friends to have arguments once a while as a way to understand each other better since Emiru is still a kid and Ruru is like that older sister who need a holding hand once a while.

After hearing her encouragement, Emiru decided to make a friendship bracelet for herself and Ruru as a gift while at the same time, Ruru was making a new guitar for Emiru together with Honoka and Saya with Ruru suggesting something more...

No 6: Papple's downfall.

After failing for the last time and ridiculed by Daigan, Papple went to find George for comfort but instead saw Jenos in his room. Jenos even quote lines from the Tsuru no Ongaeshi story about how an old couple found out that a girl who make beautiful cloths for them is secretly a crane and the crane left the old couple after her identify was revealed.

In this case, Papple found out that George has never love her at all and it was her own fantasy to think that George even care about her. George didn't even look back when she arrived and Papple fled in despair.

Papple now realised that her world is ruined and used a fistful of negative energy on herself, turning her into a crazed giant monster like Charalit before...

No 5: How Nostalgic!

Before the battle, Emiru and Ruru meet up while the girls watched from afar. The two girls squabble a bit but realised both of them really care for each other. Nagisa and Honoka felt nostalgic as the two girls also have their differences in the beginning and became good friends in the end. (I was hoping Toei might do some updates from Nagisa and Honoka's flashback instead of using old clips like how Dragonball Super did some updates when they do flashbacks in recent episodes)

Both Emiru and Ruru exchanged their gifts and both girls got a friendship bracelet and a new guitar which Ruru hoped to perform with Emiru together...

No 4: Finally, a Team Pose!

This is short but finally after 22 episodes, Hugtto Precure finally got a full team pose! It might not be awesome like Precure 5 Gogo or graceful like Go Princess but at least Team Hugtto finally found their identify! 

No 3: Futari wa Precure!

Who said their catchphase when they appeared? I did!

Team Hugtto went into battle against Papple but she was too strong and knocked them to the ground. Before Papple could oblierate them, Nagisa and Honoka transformed into Cure Black and Cure White and show why the pair are the Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo of Precure! They might not be the strongest but their hand to hand combat is probably the most badass among all Precures!

Though one question remain is why Mepple and Mipple who are Nagisa and Honoka's transformation item/partner never appeared this whole time? (Probably a case of timing and no budget from Toei again?)

No 2: You can start all over again!

Cure Amour detected that the monster is Papple and decide to help her together with Cure Macherie. The pair entered Papple's physical body and saw Papple crying in despair and throwing a tantrum.

You know, they looked like a family together...

The pair told Papple that she can start all over again as long you love yourself and take the first step for a better future. A heart icon appeared on Papple's chest and the two girls gave a hug to her, telling her everything is going to be okay.

Papple's failure is similar to how Japanese people react after the fall of the Bubble era when their world crumble down. But as long as you don't give up and care for people you love, the future is all right.

No 1: Appear! Twin Love Guitars!

Time to play that beat!


Thank you!

The pair reappeared out of Papple's body and their Mirai Crystals created the Twin Love Guitars! With it, the pair used their attack-Twin Love Rock Beat to purify Papple and save her soul.

See you in October!

Best Pair!

After the battle, Nagisa and Honoka congrats the pair and Hug-Tan used her powers to send Nagisa and Honoka back to their timeline. Although everyone is still confused on how Hug-Tan could create such power, Emiru and Ruru finally established their friendship together...

What a conclusion as we come to the end of Emiru and Ruru's arc! This is probably one of the better heel turned head from Precure and a heartwarming story about forgiveness and redemption.

Ruru, Emiru and even Papple all have their fair share in this arc which truly developed their characters for the better. Ruru started off as an emotionless android whose sole purpose is to destroy the Cures however after alll the traps she created to and all the interactions with the girls, her alliance was shaken which finally lead to her "reboot" and joining the girls.

Ruru still suffered from guilt for all the things she did until Emiru opened her eyes. Emiru herself went through a character change. From Miss Overeacting in her debut episode until she want to become a Precure so that she can help people, Emiru also learn something about herself especially her interactions with Ruru and Emiru's eccentric family.

Emiru learn how to stand up for herself from her brother's dated mindset, teaching Ruru like a surrogate sister and learning the true meaning of being a hero. All these including the pros and cons of friendship in this episode, make Emiru and Ruru one of my favourite pairings in Precure.

Papple though minimum also went through an arc of her own. She started off as an over-confident general but after many failures, was ridiculed by everyone including Jenos who is her junior. She also became complacent with her relationship with George which seriously, I never find their romance to be believable.

It was until she saw Jenos in George's room and realised George has never love her at all. Her world crumbled and decided to take the last straw and go all berserker mode in the city. But thanks to Cure Macherie and Cure Amour's words of hope, Papple finally make peace with herself.  (Will we see her again like Charalit?) I really do want Papple to at least stay and joined Team Hugtto since seeing the three girls hugging together felt like a family.

How about our two guest stars-Nagisa and Honoka? It was nice to see them again and given something to do rather than a cameo like the all-stars movies. Although short, Nagisa and Honoka gave some good advices to their juniors. Of course, their kickass battle with Papple might be short but it is what recent Precure seasons is lacking in the action department-awesome hand to hand fight scenes, flashy and gimmick items should only be used as a final attack.

Of course, the ending has to be the Opening of Futari wa Precure!

In the end, a satisfied arc for Emiru and Ruru as we now shifted to the mid-season battle in the next few episodes. Hana had a nightmare of Hug-Tan taken away as Daigan become the new general to battle. However George has also started to make his own move towards the girls! Until then, see you in the next post!

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