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Hugtto Precure Ep 21 Top 5 Moments: A Summon from the Past Part 1

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 21 and with Cure Macherie and Cure Amour now joining the team, what could happen next?

Emiru and Ruru opened this week's episode!

No 5: Jenos introducing herself to the Criasu Corporation!

Jenos introducing herself and it annoyed Papple especially she was forced to listen to Kurai's tantrums. Although Jenos still greeted Papple as her senior, it's obvious that Jenos will definitely overshadow her. Furthermore, Ristle pushed several buttons on his console and Kurai just happen to appear to get angry with Papple. (The plot thickens)

No 4: Emiru's Bad Habits.

After Emiru and Ruru reintroduce themselves to the girls as the new Cures, the girls help around Harry's store. But Emiru being Emiru, overreact to everything like a customer misplacing her wallet, an elderly lady crossing the road even though she has the right of way and thinking that an Oshimaida appeared where it was just the sales promoter announcing the special offers.

No 3: Emiru and Ruru's Pep Talk Round 2.

Both Emiru and Ruru also wonder how to be great Precures like Hana and the rest. Even though earlier, Hana's explanation was just "trust your feelings" which didn't really help the two juniors.

After Emiru run away as she has doubts of being a good Precure, Ruru returned back to the shop and both Hana and Saya listened to her reasons. Ruru is worried about Emiru's frustrations. However Hana and Saya ensured her that as long as Ruru cared for Emiru, things will work out.

At the same time, Harry, Homare and Hug-Tan found Emiru hiding in the playground and she explained her frustrations. Homare asked her what make her happy? Being a Precure or Being a Precure with Ruru?

Emiru honestly replied that being together with Ruru is much happier. Harry even added that her giving up the sole Preheart to Ruru in the previous episode is a selfless act which make Emiru  worthy to be a Precure. (Emiru thanked Harry and called him Nezumi-San or Mr Mouse which annoyed Harry off a bit)

As Emiru joined them back, Harry questioned himself of why Hug-Tan has not restored to normal despite all eight Mirai crystals has appeared...

No 2: Five Cures together!

After Emiru and Ruru reconciled, Papple created an Oshimaida from a cleaner which forced the pair to transform. They were getting the upper hand when Papple increased the Oshimaida's power and the pair were caught off guard. (Jenos was watching from behind and came up with measures against the Cures)

Cure Amour tried to protect Emiru's Gutiar from the Oshimaida's blows but Cure Macherie pushed her away and the guitar was destroyed. The other three girls arrived to join the fight and finished off the Oshimaida together.

No 1: Heroes from the Sky!

Give me your Sword!

Hug-Tan-The Cutest and Best Summoner!

This is History in the Making!

Although Emiru's guitar was destroyed, Cure Macherie asked Cure Yell if they could lend the Melody sword for the next battle but Cure Yell claimed it is quite impossible. Hug-Tan suddenly used her power to create a portal and out came...Cure Black and Cure White!?

Before we get to what happened at the end, I felt this episode is a typical "Sixth Ranger introduction" scenario. What I mean is that when a new member joined halfway through the team, the new member will have doubts or worries if he or she could become part of the team.

Both Emiru and Ruru were wondering their purposes and reasons of becoming a Precure and again it is repeating the same things in the previous episode in which the three senior Cures giving pep talk and encouragement for the pair to believe each other.

The battle was all right at least Cure Macherie and Cure Amour didn't have to sing when they went to battle and their combination attacks are still spot on since they worked as one unit.

Harry's worries is also concerned since he did mentioned before that all eight Mirai Crystals are needed for Hug-Tan to grow back to normal but nothing has happened which I am suspecting that there is probably one missing element that it was not hinted to Harry. (If Hug-Tan is restored back to normal then the story will have end faster)

Jenos was a bit of a snob when she appeared in front of the generals and Papple is defintely desperate as she is worried that Jenos might replace her and seeing how Papple become a monster like Charalit did before in the next episode, this could be the end of Papple. Furthermore, Ristle's actions seem like he is controlling their leader, Kurai but for what purpose? Perhaps is to keep the organization afloat until the real Kurai return?

Of course, the big surpise which no one see this coming was Cure Black and Cure White's appearance! Hug-Tan is probably one of the most amazing characters in Precure History as she was able to bring the two Legendary Cures into the present. It probably explain how the Hugtto Team will meet their Seniors Cures in the upcoming crossover movie this October with Hug-Tan's powers.

I have a feeling that Cure Black and Cure White were pulled out from their timeline which explained why they looked the same fifteen years ago. It also make sense to guest star as the two Senior Cures will be able to give advice to Cure Macherie and Cure Amour who are paying homages to them. (But seriously, Toei, I want the senior Cures to grow up otherwise it doesn't make sense if they looked the same in their own series all these years)

But I am really happy to see Cure Black and Cure White again although where is Shining Luminous? She might not have combat abilities but she is also a part of the Max Heart team. (Maybe Tanaka Rie is busy with her married life?)

This is probably the first time when a senior Precure team guest star in a current Precure series aside from the movies team up which is what Happiness Precure should have done in the first place!

Look at me, Dai Sempai!!!

Overall, the last scene left me wanting for more as Cure Black and Cure White will interact with their juniors and the appearance of Cure Macherie and Cure Amour's new power-up! Until then, see you in the next post!

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