Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 18 Top 6 Moments: Heart of Melody

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 18 and what happen next when Emiru found out the girls' secret identifies!?

No 6: Who is that hiding in the shadow?

After Ruru's betrayal, Papple reported back to President Criasu (Which is what Ruru called him in the episode) and he is really pissed together with Ristle and Daigan who blamed Papple for her failures. However in the shadow, a mysterious lady was observing everything...

No 5: Welcome back home, Ruru!

Ruru was hesitated to return to Hana's home since she did brainwash Hana's mother Sumire in order to infiltrate their home. Sumire suddenly remember what Ruru did to her but instead of blaming her, she hugged the two girls and welcome them back.

The Nono family had curry for dinner like nothing happened. It showed that Sumire is a nice and understanding person and furthermore, Ruru didn't hurt Hana's family in the last few episodes so all is forgiven. (This is a kids' show so no psychological episode, Please)

No 4: Emiru is about to spill the beans!

Emiru wrote a letter to the girls to meet during lunch break and tried to expose their secret identifies in front of their peers. However Ruru's quick reflex immediately dragged her out of the school and she was brought to Harry's place.

In the name of Moon...(Wrong show)

Rider Henshin!

Ultraman Orb?!

Emiru indeed knew the girls are Precures and insisted that she too want to be a Precure as well. The girls gave in and in return, Emiru was not allow to tell anyone else about the Precures. Later Emiru tried to learn more of how to be a Precure like watching Homare skating and Saya doing a rehearsal however with little success.

No 3: System Shutdown again!?

Hana has problems for her upcoming music test (Seriously? In middle school?) and Emiru actually showed off her music talents which amazed everyone. Ruru tried to sing the same song however she was unable to express it with her feelings which resulted in a system shutdown again.

Does not compute...System Error (Time to upgrade OS)


The girls explained to Emiru that Ruru is an android which of course in one of the most funniest moments, Emiru asked Ruru to prove she is an android and she literally showed her internal system to Emiru. (In a LSD light show!)

Emiru was not afraid of her instead she want Ruru to be a Precure as well. However Ruru claimed it is impossible as she is an android and does not have a "Heart."

No 2: Ruru is my Friend!

Hug-Tan cheering is so cute!

The girls tried to encourage Emiru and Ruru in their own ways to believe in themselves. Hana, Homare and Harry talked to Emiru with Hug-Tan cheering her and Saya giving a pep talk to Ruru.

They are definitely paying homages to Nagisa/Cure Black and Honoka/Cure White

However Papple turned the Fashion Designer (From Episode 14) into an Oshimaida and the girls went to battle. The girls seemly being crushed by the Oshimaida's weight while Papple taunted Ruru for trying to be a hero.

One Punch!!!

But Emiru stood up for Ruru and she is proud to have Ruru as her friend which touched her. The girls also survived the attack and Cure Yell gave one of her most powerful punch to knock the Oshimaida up to the air and finished it off.

No 1: A Special Song for a Special Ending.

Best Ending!

Emiru wrote a new song "Kimi to Tomodachi (Me and My Friend) and want Ruru to sing it with her. Ruru began to sing properly as Emiru was playing her guitar. The girls and Harry enjoyed the song as Henri who was spying with his camera phone commented that the two girls are good...

After last week's intense episode, you thought no more emotional moments for the time being. Well, no! This week's episode continue from where we left off and it was both funny and touching at the same time.

The show stopper was Emiru who brought a bundle of lively energy. Being a kid, she tried to get the girls' attention by trying to expose their identifies but with good intention as she too want to be a Precure. The girls were also amazed by her music talents and her reaction in seeing Ruru's internal system was priceless! (Although somewhere some doujin artists might have other ideas for this scene)

Emiru and Ruru were indeed soul mates and like how Ruru stood up against Emiru's brother, this time, Emiru stood up for her when Papple taunted her. It really touched Ruru and the final scene which is probably a first in Precure history-An Insert Song for the End Credits.

Not only it was a first but Ruru and Emiru's duet was so beautiful that I can't wait to get the single when it come up. Other than the same fashion designer was the victim again and she is coming back next episode and why Henri is back again?

Who are you?

Seeing that next week's episode, Henri become a model for a fashion runaway show just to instigate the girls into entering and the appearance of a new general who is also female!? What is going on!? Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. Hugtto must be really keeping track of recurring characters.

  2. Kimi to Tomodachi actually means "Befriend with you". Kimi = you.

    >After last week's intense episode, you thought no more emotional moments for the time being. Well, no!

    Really not much, their emotional moments had been described in ep 15, it is just recap, with knowing Ruru is a robot. I mean their close relationship is already there. This step can do in later eps, or before ep 17. Owing to the wrong interpretation on Ruru, these two eps can't touch me.

  3. I love this episode it was a great moment indeed ruru and emiru best duo ever