Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 17 Top 5 Moments: Ruru vs Hugtto Precure!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 17 and let's not waste any more time as what is happening to Ruru now!

No 5: Ruru is a Spy!

Harry tried to stop the girls from finding Ruru as he explained that Ruru is an android from the Criasu Corporation and she has tricked everyone in order to get close to the girls and Hug-Tan. But the girls refused to accept it especially Hana who butt head with Harry.

Saya and Homare also agreed with Hana as Ruru is not truly evil and she did return back Homare's Preheart in the last battle. Harry finally gave in but he further told them the Criasu Corporation will not take kindly to traitors which Saya suggested that Harry knew a lot of the Corporation but he shunned the comment. (Which could mean that Harry might have a dark secret that he is keeping from the girls)

No 4: Deleted Memories.

After Papple reported to Ristle about Ruru's betrayal, she began deleting all of Ruru's memories and reverting her to back to her original program-Destroy the Precures. Ristle then suggested to use the new power suit on Ruru to take on the Precures.

Ruru's memories of the girls were deleted as she remember how she was created by the Criasu Corporation from the future as an android. When she finally recovered, Ruru took the power suit to battle the Precures.

No 3: Meet the Cure Buster! (I make that up)

Ruru appeared in front of the girls but she has forgotten them and wore the power suit. The girls has no choice but to fight with her. Papple appeared and told the girls that Ruru has no more memories of them but still has the battle data of the girls.

The girls were struggling against Ruru and she need more data on them as such she grab Cure Etolie and started analyzing her. But she suddenly remember the previous encounter with Homare at the playground and all her memories were slowly coming back to her.

Cure Ange and Cure Etolie used this chance and destroyed the power suit. The girls tried to get close to Ruru but her program are conflicting her emotions and she started firing recklessly.

No 2: The Fist that Convey my Feelings!

Ruru then created a whirlwind to shield herself. Cure Ange and Cure Etolie created a makeshift bird from their powers and Cure Yell rode on it to enter the whirlwind. Cure Yell tried to reason with Ruru but she refuse to listen and admitted that she is a spy who brainwash Cure Yell's mother, tricked her and her friends and did horrible things to them.

Cure Yell's fists collided with Ruru's and Cure Yell did not hate her and forgive her instead. Ruru could not understand her reason and still blame herself. However Cure Yell told her that she like Ruru and forgave her.

Ruru, don't cry...let me hold you in my arms...

Ruru stopped fighting when suddenly Hug-Tan crawled in front of her. (How did the baby move so fast!?) Hug-Tan consoled Ruru on her head and Ruru finally burst in tears. Papple was shocked by the events and Ruru fired a shot at her and told her that she is no more under their control.

No 1: Emiru finding out the girls' secret identifies!

Daiheno-Nanodesu! (Oh my God!)

After Papple retreated, Ruru finally calmed down and the girls welcome Ruru back. Although Emiru who earlier saw the chaos outside her house, rushed to the scene and found out the girls' secrets as Precure!

After last week's shocking cliffhanger, this week's episode continue to be good! First, it is confirmed that Ruru is an android from the far future and her serial number is R.U.R 9500 which is a play of words for her name-Ruru Amour.

Harry's comments on how the Criasu Corporation handling on traitors might suggest that he is not just a normal talking hamster but rather someone who might have past connections wth the Corporation. Let's hope we can get some answers about Harry's past in future episodes.

I was surprised that Ruru actually took the initiative to use the power suit instead of being ordered to do so. But then, it was probably her prime directive is to defeat the Precures. (This sounds like out of the Terminator movies) Did anyone think of Ironman's Hulk Buster when Ruru wore it to battle?

The battle was pretty okay but did anyone noticed that Cure Yell was the only one that did not used any special attacks unlike the other two Cures who used it to destroy the power suit but also aid Cure Yell into flying into the whirlwind? (By the way, that wind bird thing was a neat idea)

Cure Yell instead does what Domon from G Gundam with his battle against Master Asia-Using her fists to convey her feelings! Ruru being an android was unable to understand why Cure Yell couldn't hate her and Cure Yell is just a nice and forgiving person. The last straw was Hug-Tan who somehow slipped past Harry and appeared in front of Ruru, giving her a pat on her head like a sign of forgiveness. (Basically, all you need is love and cuteness to save the day!)

This is adorable!

So with Ruru finally free of Criasu Corporation, how will she adapt to her new life? Especially with Emiru now knowing the girls' secrets, will she tag along with them? But seeing how Emiru and Ruru decided to start a music duo together, will anything "magical" happen in the next few episodes? You guess is good as mine! Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. So, Ruru's serial number is R.U.R 9500... interesting...

    1. The writers must have watched or knew that play to get that idea...

  2. That means that the next episode is another step for the Magic duo and I see that in a part of the sneak peek Ruru and Emiru hold hands like Nagisa and Honoka

  3. Good discovery on Ruru's name, but for 9500 associates with Amour...I can't feel it...Instead of the surprise for her initiative, it is not supposed for Ruru to do so. She must wait for the order since she is formated into a real robot. Do you also notice Yell's floral scene had been used before? Unfortunately, Ruru and Yell fight is far from Domon and Master Asia, in terms of relationship and communication.

    Although you think that this ep is good, do you notice the critical mistake the writer makes? It is writing Ruru as a human, not android.