Monday, June 11, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 19 Top 4 Moments: On to the Runaway!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 19 and Henri invited the girls for a fashion show!

No 4: Let's walk the Fashion Runaway!

Henri approached the girls and want Ruru and Emiru to participate the Fashion Runaway which Emiru was worried that she might mess up (She think she will roll out of the stage and end up in Paris which Ruru explained it is impossible) and Ruru took the role for Emiru's sake.

Later the girls and Henri meet with Fashion Designer, Yoshimi Rita and she suggested having a hero theme for the fashion show after being inspired by the Precures in action.

Of course, the girls get to work using their artists outfit from the Mirai pad and even Hug-tan joined in to add "colors" to the decoration.

No 3: The Girls vs Masato.

During the episode, Emiru's brother, Masato who is also a student in the same school as the girls mocked Henri who was wearing differently in his school uniform. Of course, Henri took it cool and ignore his taunting.

Later Masato learn that Emiru is entering the fashion show and tried to take her away claiming that only girls shouldn't be heroes but Hana step in and claimed that anyone can be a hero no matter what gender they are. Even Henri who wore a dress appeared and claimed that anyone is free to do whatever they want to and should not be restricted.

This of course pissed Masato off and was turned by the new general, Jeros into an Oshimaida. As the Oshimaida was wrecking the place and holding Henri hostage, he spotted Masato as the host and felt his pain which somehow create an opening for the girls to defeat it. In the end, Masato felt different after seeing Henri onstage...

No 2: The new General, Jeros!

When Papple was complaing to the mystery man (which is probably George), he send a note using a homing pigeon which when Jeros later turned Masato into an Oshimaida, a flock of pigeons appeared followed by slendermen (What!?) and cool looking butlers. (Double what!?)

No 1: One Little Problem...

Yes, this is a homage to Futari Wa Precure!

Emiru and Ruru decided to take their steps to become Precures and told the girls their goal however Harry break out the news that there is only one Preheart device and there are two of them! Everyone looked at each other puzzled although Hug-tan was "encouraging" Emiru and Ruru to be "together..."

This episode is more of a set-up for the next few episodes since it is really about Emiru and Ruru taking their first steps to becoming Precures and the introduction of Jeros. Henri stole the show since he was able to counter Masato's insults and yes, Masato is a still a jerk especially about his remarks on Herni's uniform and how only males should be heroes. But Masato also mentioned about him and Emiru's grandfather which might be the reason for his upbringing. Who know, maybe we will get an episode to find out about the grandfather in the future.

Jeros was voiced by Kaida Yuko who is best known as Ryomou in Ikkitousen, Tsukyo from Gintama and Marida from Gundam Unicorn. Furthermore, she is used to playing sexy female fatale like Sawashiro Miyuki so it was perfect for her to voice Jeros. Although her outfit and appearance reminds me of a particular Snake Princess from another Toei show.

But Jeros' debut was kinda of rushed in this episode unlike how previous seasons, the new general tend to appear in front of the other generals before making his/her move. Although I am suspecting that George was the one who summoned her using the homing pigeon and even Ruru was unable to find any data about Jeros which could mean that Jeros might be a secret elite for Criasu.

Anyway, the more pressing problem is how will Emiru and Ruru become Precures if there is only one Preheart device? Will it be the end of their dreams? Or like what Hug-Tan saying "Together" could led to a clue? As the next episode title preview-we are getting not one but two new Cures at the same time! Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. If Henri is aware that the girls are Precure, then they are doing a bad job being secretive. But hey, at least there’s a chance that we will get a reveal scene.

  2. Aisaki Emiru is the cancer of all organic life and should be swiftly punished.

  3. Yuko also voiced Sae in Persona 5 too!

  4. Masato is so rude to his sister, I feel so bad for her.