Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 16 Top 5 Moments: A Change of Heart

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 16 and Homare became the centre of a feud between her two classmates.

No 5: Aki and Junna's Misunderstanding.

Despite being the main plot of the episode, I don't really find their story interesting as it has been done before-Misunderstanding between friends. However the problems was I don't find myself invested in the two girls as they only have little screen time and is reduced to background characters up to this point.

So this episode is about Aki asking Homare to teach her how to skate and Junna misunderstood Aki as they were childhood friends and they always consult one another but Aki took it for granted and not considering Junna's feelings as such Papple used them to create an Oshimaida.

Of course, the two girls make up after seeing Cure Etolie struggling to save them and weaken the Oshimaida with their willpower.

No 4: Life is like a Flower.

When Hana meet George in a garden of Rhododendrons, he started preaching how unpredictable the weather and life can be. In flower terms, Rhododendrons symbolize danger and beware which is what happen later in the episode for the girls and particularly Ruru.

No 3: When in Doubts, eat some Chocolate Mint Ice Cream!

When Homare has doubts of whether she should get involved in the two girls' fend, she went to Harry's place to cuddle Hug-Tan. Harry already figure that she is troubled and offered her Chocolate Mint Ice Cream but Homare left again.

Later Harry found Homare in a shelter and passed her an umbrella. Although Harry claimed the ice cream melted and he wanted her to have it. Homare saw that Harry was drenched while looking for her and she was touched. But Harry left in a hurry to get back to Hug-Tan.

Although we see in the opening that Homare always carry Hamster Harry around and thought it was just a coincidence but rather a shipping between her and Harry. They might not be the perfect couple but Harry does show concern for Homare despite not expressing it out in the open.

No 2: Ruru's Change of Heart.

 I approved of Papple's outfit! Doujin artists, do your duty!

Ruru has already predicted that Saya and Homare are Precures but she decided to hold back any action however Papple who disguised as a student reminded Ruru of their original mission to destroy the Precures.

I liked the scene where Papple is in the shadow and Ruru is trying her best to avoid the shadow covering her space but in the end, she gave in and true to her words, Ruru stole Homare's Transformation item and she panicked when the other two girls are fighting the Oshimaida.

But somehow, Ruru has a change of heart and gave Homare back her transformation item for her to battle the Oshimaida with the others.

No 1: System Shutdown!

After the battle, the three girls and Harry confronted Ruru but before she could said anything, she pushed Cure Yell away before a powerful blast from the sky totally destroyed her internal systems. Papple appeared and took Ruru away before anyone could react and Hug-Tan crying out Ruru's name...

This week's battle was pretty good in terms of style and pacing,

These is one of the few times where the subplot was more interesting than the main plot. Like what I said earlier, Aki and Junna's feud was pretty trivial compared to what Ruru and Homare is going through.

Homare just need a pep talk in the form of Harry and his Ice Cream. I know he meant well despite how childish he can be some time and Homare need to be less uptight. Hopefully their relationship will develop further in the future.

Note to self-If George appear and started preaching something, it means things are getting real in the episode and true enough, Ruru decided to make her move after Papple's warning of getting too close with the girls.

After seeing Homare desperately waiting to save Aki and Junna changed Ruru's mind and she returned her transformation item back to Homare. But at a cost since Papple now know that Ruru has betrayed them.

That blast actually destroyed Ruru's system and seeing how she sensed it moments before pushing Cure Yell out of safety and saying something before being destroyed make me wonder what is going to happen next!

Of course, the next trailer showed that Ruru becoming Mecha Ruru with a full face helmet and Megaman Cannon fighting the girls but can the girls especially Hana able to stop her rampages? (In these chaos, where is Emiru?) Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. Everything you talked about is EXACTLY how I felt, lol. I literally left youtube comments on everything you mentioned here. Like the symbolism with the shadow touching Ruru.

    That whenever we see George, it means the episode is either going to be dark or advancing the plot or both.

    Even the fact that ppl thought this fight was great, and I simply just saw beautiful smooth animation, and great angles. I can still tell that Toei is holding back when it comes to the hand2hand combat...but I won't complain seeing as this season is miles better than Kirakira in terms of fighting. But I do miss the fights in GoPri and seasons before.

    But I truly enjoyed this episode, and cannot wait to see how Ruru's arch closes.

  2. I have a feeling where Ruru is probably going to look like this Magicaloid 44/Iron Man kind of thing.