Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 17 Review: Restore Back the Kiraru Energy!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 17 and Julio has his sights on Ichika.

After knowing that Ichika's mother is sending some sweets to her, she decided to get some ingredients to make cookies for her mother. Rio tagged along and when Ichika was happy to receive her mother's sweets, he started ranting about why Ichika isn't upset that her mother is not with her and has some painful memories of his own.

Rio then extract Ichika's Kiraru energy from her. (How is not known) When the other girls arrived at her house, Ichika has become an empty shell and forgotten what sweets are. Pekorin immediately knew that Ichika has lost her Kiraru energy and Rio was standing on top of them.

Yukari immediately revealed that Rio is actually Julio and he transformed infront of them. The four girls transformed to battle him however Julio has created his own version of the Candy Rod and was able to mimic their special attacks.

Pekorin and Elder was trying their best to get Ichika to remember but to no avail until Pekorin suggested for Ichika to make cookies with the ingredients she bought. Ichika slowly make the cookies with Pekorin's support and she recalled her childhood with her mother and the love she gave to her.

Ichika finally remember who she is after making the cookies and joined in the fight as Cure Whip. She was able to overwhelm Julio's attack and damaged his Candy Rod. With the others, they managed to trap Julio in 3,2 Wonderful Ala Mode Attack and his mask was broken.

Cure Whip offered her hand to Julio to make peace but he refused. He immediately proclaimed that he has always hated sweets and retreated. At the same time, a mysterious female figure was observing their battle claiming that Julio has disappointed her...(Oh yeah, Ichika did send her cookies to her mother at the end of the episode)

This episode is both good and bad in my opinion. The bad, I felt it is a bit early to have such an episode, not saying you can't do an episode where the main Cure has doubts or trapped in a despair situation. We know that Ichika is perhaps the most positive among the five which probably explain why she was able to restore her Kiraru energy so quickly. Furthermore, Julio's experiment kinda of failed since Ichika recovered so quickly. So basically if someone lose their Kiraru energy, all you need to do is to motivate and probably create sweets. (With love of course)

Ichika somehow was able to make cookies despite losing her Kiraru energy which I am guessing is some kind of sub-conscious memories otherwise why she did told the others that she cannot remember what sweets are. The fight was a bit one-sided from both oppositions. The other four girls were getting kicked around by Julio though why couldn't they counter his attacks with a different attack is a big question.

Cure Whip's return is not as awesome like Cure Flora's comeback in Episode 39. (Go and watch that episode, it is the Best Real Time Transformation in Precure) Somehow Cure Whip was able to make a crack on Julio's Candy Rod with her own attack and defeated Julio. How did she do that? Did making her cookies actually restore her Kiraru energy to full power and beyond? Toei, I felt that not giving the Kira Kira Team no physical attacks actually make the fight scene less interesting and splashing and spraying Whip Cream on others is definitely sending the wrong message to kids.

Now the Good. At least we now kinda of getting of a hint of why Julio hate sweets and seeing that girl in his memories is probably a good guess that something bad might have happen between them and it led Julio to the dark path making him hating everything that is sweet and nice.

Of course, the reveal of the new General who we now know as Bibury and looking at her skin tone, she is probably came from the same world as Julio and she has that mischievous vibe with her evil looking doll. Seeing how she mentioned that Julio was disappointing, we will be probably getting a reveal of the organization that the girls are fighting all these while and who is the Big Bad of the series.  (No Dokuroxy or Desumast this time, Toei. I want a more Proactive Big Bad who is not afraid to take chance and at least talk in full sentences unlike Dokuroxy who has less than ten lines or Desumast who has none in the whole series)

Next episode, the girls discovered a rival shop is taking their customers away but they soon come face to face with Bibury and finally a monster of the week! Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Anyone watch Dragonball Super Episode 92 today? We have the first Female Super Saiyan Caulifla on Screen but we are getting another Female Super Saiyan with Kale in the next episode and if you haven't figure out who Kale's Seiyuu is, it is Yukana who voiced Cure White! Yes, Cure White is now a Super Saiyan and not just any ordinary Super Saiyan. She is the Legendary Super Saiyan that is paying homages to Brolly from the DBZ movies. Yukana is a perfect fit for Kale since she can do both sweet and total psycho characters in a moment. (Go and watch Saint Seiya Omega where she voiced the new Gemini Gold Saint or Four Murasame of Zeta Gundam the Movies Trilogy)


  1. I can't shake the feeling Julio will perish protecting his sister. After this episode, this feels like a setup towards it. On the note of GPP, I love how they handle the transformations. From full to powering down to real-time to instant. Especially when it sets the mood like episode 21 & 22.

  2. If Julio dies, I'm protesting Precure for rest of my life

    1. So what's wrong with Julio sacrificing himself? He could die a hero.

  3. I saw the DBS episode too . i hope see berserker Kale soon.