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Anime Comedy Shows that I will recommend to Tickle your Funny Bone!

Hi everyone, based on a suggestion, I decided to come up with a list about some of my favourite anime comedy shows that I will recommend. Now this is my list and some of you might have already guess what is my all time favourite comedy series was. So in no particular order, here we goes!

Konosuba: A recent show that became a personal favourite of mine due to the wackiness of the characters and a parody of the sword/magic fantasy genre. Kazuma who was killed in an accident and was given a chance by a water goddess, Aqua to be reincarnate to a hero in a fantasy setting. However Kazuma tricked Aqua into coming along and soon he found out that Aqua is a slacker for a goddess.

The first two episodes didn't make much impact when I first watch it but when the other two female leads, Fire Mage Megumi and Crusader Darkness entered the group, that is where the show really shine. Megumi has an extremely powerful fire spell however using it will drain all her energy which make her useless after that and Darkness who can't hit anything with a sword but is secretly a masochist who dream of being screwed up by anyone or anything.

Every episode is very fun to watch especially seeing Kazama who ended up being the straight guy to the three girls and so often being wrongly accused of things which he did not do. A fun show to watch despite having a low episode count of 20.

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu: Some of you might have know Full Metal Panic (FMP) which is a mecha show blend with school life. Main Heroine Chidori Kaname lead a normal life but once she was revealed to be a "Whisperer"-a human that is capable of creating futuristic technology, Private Milliaty group, Mithril send a bodyguard, Sagara Sousuke to protect her from enemies. But Sagara who spent his whole life as a soldier knew zero to about normal social life leading to some ridiculous moments.

FMP Fumoffu explore this side of ridiculous as it details the "normal" life of Chidori as Sagara will do anything to protect her and the lengths he will do. From sniping down potential suitors to Chidori, rushing home to get Chidori's notes like a madman and even accidentally releasing a "deadly" virus in class, Chidori's life was turned to a living hell every day by Sousuke.

A fun show to watch but it is recommended to watch the original FMP (despite being less funny and more serious) to understand the characters better.

Handa-Kun: A prequel to Barakamon that is not necessary to watch Barakamon despite it was out first but recommended. Handa Seishun during his high school years is a child prodigy in Calligraphy however he feel uncomfortable interacting with others but what he doesn't know that everyone in school idolize him like some kind of Super Model Student that they look upon to.

Handa didn't even know that a fan club (or rather his crazed bodyguards) was dedicated to watch him 24-7 which of course led to many misunderstandings as his fans treated his words of wisdom with respect but Handa think they are all hating him.

Although you don't have to watch Barakamon which is Handa in his adult years and he was send to stay in a village on a Island after he punched a judge who criticize his works. There are Easter eggs and references in Handa-Kun which kinda guess what kind of person Handa is going to be. Overall, both shows are recommended but Handa-Kun is hilarious in it's execution.

Sakamoto Desu Ka: Meet Sakamoto-Super Cool Model Student who can turn any situation into an awesome moment. No one know where he came from but everyone who interact with him can't stop idolizing him.

From helping a fellow classmate from bullies, getting out of a building in style during a fire drill to even helping a obsessive K-Drama mother to get over her obsession. Sakamoto will make the impossible possible because he can!

Seto no Hanayome: Also known as My Bride is a Mermaid. This is a parody take on the Little Mermaid story with one hell of a twist. Nagasumi was visiting his grandmother in Seto which is close to the ocean. He accidentally fell off a cliff and was rescued by a real-life mermaid named Seto Sun. However the mermaid law state that if a mermaid and a human were to come in contact, both were to be executed however to prevent this, Nagasumi has to marry into Sun's family.

Sun was willing to become Nagasumi's fiance however Sun's father is not happy about it and the worst thing was the Seto Family are a group that resemble the Japanese Yakuza so hi jinks ensured..

What make this show so fun to watch was the people who desperately trying to ruin Nagasumi and Sun's relationship with outrageous results. There are also references and parodies to different shows like Fist of the North Star and even a parody take on Terminator 2: Judgment Day. (If you seen this episode, you know what I am talking about)

It started off like a typical Harem series which I thought but it became one of the funniest shows that the romance parts isn't that important. Highly Recommended if you can find it. Oh yeah, one more thing-MASA SAN!!! (This character in the show is one of my favourite anime characters of all time)

Watashi ga Motete Dosunda: Also know as Kiss him, Not me. In recent years, Shoujo manga (Young girls comics) has been getting a lot of attention and before that, I did watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun which was funny although the misunderstanding between the main heroine and Nozaki was kinda of tired for a while.

So by accident, I watch Kiss him, Not me. It indeed make me go and look for the manga after that. Basically it is about a fangirl, Tae who is crazed about BL (Boys Love) but when her favourite character in a show was killed off, she went into depression that resulted in her losing weight and becoming a pretty good-looking girl.

The problem now is the guys in his school are giving a second look at her and getting unnecessary attention for herself. But soon five guys were chasing after her but she has crazed delusions of the guys in BL relationships which led to a lot of funny moments.

Although the show is only 12 episodes long, it was a lot of fun with all the BL references and a lesson of how inner beauty is also important no matter how the person looked like from outside. This is also Kobayshi Yui who voiced Tae best work since she has to play crazed fangirl one moment and sweet girl the next. Highly recommended!

School Rumble: Tsukamoto Tenma is your typical average female student but she has a crush on fellow student Karasuma who is oblivious to her. Meet Harima Kenji, a delinquent with a heart of gold and has a crush on Tenma which make him come to school every day.

A pretty typical love triangle at first but when Tenma's sister, Yakumo and fellow classmates, Eri and Hanai got into the equation, it become one hell of a rumble which explained the title-School Rumble.

A personal favourite of mine as it took a simple premise and mix with a lot of pop culture references from Initial D to Jackie Chan. Tenma is funny in her pursuing of Karasuma but Harima is outrageous hilarious as he mistaken Karasuma as a rival and his attempt in winning Tenma. With an all star cast that also launched Koshimizu Ami (Tenma's Seiyuu) and Noto Mamiko's (Yakumo's Seiyuu) careers to celebrity status.

Lucky Star: Izumi Konata love anime, video games and manga after getting influence from her father. Although a slacker but brilliant most of the time. Together with her friends, Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki, the lives of 4 friends and their anime adventures continued in Lucky Star.

Although I enjoyed this show for it's references. The real reason I like this show was one unique side character who is the unofficial mascot of Animate-Anizawa Meito who make his debut here. A hot-blooded manager in an anime shop who refer Konata as the Legendary Girl A and tried all ways and means to get her to buy something in the shop. If you still have doubts, just look for his scenes in Youtube. If such a person exist in real life then every day will truly be the fight of your life.

Gintama: Finally the show that some of you know that this is my favourite anime comedy of all time-Gintama. If you still living in a rock for the last ten years then you don't know what you are missing. Gintama took place in an alternative Japan where Samurais and swords still exist however when aliens invade the country, a bloody war was fought and in the end, the human lost and the aliens co-exist with humans which the aliens brought their culture and technology with them. (Basically if you watch Rurouni Kenshi, it is based on the Meiji Era where western countries started coming to Japan with their culture)

With it, Japan became a modern country and the age of Samurai was over. However one guy named Sakata Gintoki who now used a wooden sword but has the heart of a Samurai and his companions, Shinpachi and Kagura, the trio opened an odd job store called Yorozuya and accepted all kinds of weird and wacky clients.

Sounds simple? But what make this show really good are the characters both main and side. Everyone has their back stories and the adventures range from silly parodies to one of the best written shouen series ever. Furthermore with no or little brand restrictions, the show make fun of other anime shows or pop culture ranging from Dragonball to Nintendo itself.

I won't spoil the show but it is highly recommended to watch it yourself. Although there are funny episodes but when the show has serious long running arcs, it actually become really good and sometimes you can shed a tear.

That's some of my favourite comedy shows I will recommend. If you like it, go and watch these shows. I know I miss out some titles here and there but these are the shows that I will go and watch again just to tickle my funny bone! Until then, see you in the next post! 

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