Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 18 Review: I heard a Rumor!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 18 and Bibury is taking over to deal with the girls!

Pretty sure, some doujin artists is trying to drew her like a bitch..

Julio retreated to his lair which looked all grey and snowy, Bibury immediately taunted him for his failures and their master, Noir is not pleased. She then took off to Earth with a plan of her own.

Akira, they are very close to you...I think they can hear without the phone cups...

Ichika and the others realised that Rio didn't came to school after their battle but they decided to carry on their work at the Patisserie however for several days, no customers came to their shop. Akira later found out from her fan club that there is a rumor going about how bad their Patisserie is.

Sure enough, it was Bibury's tricks as she cast a spell that spread rumors quickly like a virus to the whole town. After Ichika watched a program about a Genius Patisserie from France named Ciel, she and the others were worried about their store.

At least, they are wearing sunglasses to hide their Mickey Mouse eyes...

The next day, Ichika saw the other four girls were trying their best to promote their Patisserie and she came up with an inspiration for her new menu. Ichika then created the Giraffe Cake and tried to promote the menu. Everyone seemed to avoid them thanks to the rumors however a little boy was curious and he enjoyed the cake by Ichika.

Yukari-Grabbing like a Boss!

Bibury tried to ruin them but Yukari immediately grab of her and told the others that she is the culprit who has been spreading rumors. (Thank to Yukari's fan club who gathered the leads) Bibury revealed her true self and created a monster from her doll and the Kiraru energy from the boy.

The girls went to battle and after a struggle, they managed to defeat Bibury's doll and she retreated with an evil laugh. Soon everything went back to normal and Ciel finally arrived at Ichigo Town...

If I have one thing to say about Bibury is that beware of that evil and scheming laugh of her. (Like a certain twin-tailed psychopath girl from Danganronpa) Instead of using power like how Julio did, she goes for a subtle approach by planting seeds of hatred to ruin the girls' reputations. That is what I called a real evil person.

It seems that the doll she is carrying is her catalyst to create a new monster although I am suspecting that if something were to happen to her doll, she probably go all total psycho and reveal her true self and I can't wait to see that. We finally do know the name of the Big Bad and he or she is called Noir which is Black for French and it's pretty obivous that their hideout is all grey and gloomy for that reason.

The main plot of this episode itself is okay since it is just a warm-up for Bibury against the girls. Bibury's plan nearly succeed however Ichika's Giraffe cake managed to break the spell which is what a rumor is. A rumor only and the truth will surely prevails.

Other than that, we are getting Ciel in the next episode and how is she involved with the girls will be revealed soon. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Sorry I didn't have much to say for this episode since I just recovered from a bad flu.

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  1. Finally things are getting interesting. And I am thankfull that we have al least a boss,