Monday, May 22, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 16 Review: Yukari's Deception

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 16 and Yukari has her suspicious on Rio for a while and decide to play it out.

As the girls were discussing about Julio's recent attacks, Yukari has her own suspicious on who he really is. After a day at the Patisserie, Yukari left without telling anyone and Akira caught up with her. Rio interrupted them and Yukari suggested to everyone to come to her house for a tea ceremony.

The girls were amazed by Yukari's tea making display which oddly enough Rio was able to mimic her tea-brewing. Rio later met Yukari and she claimed that her parents care more about her older sister and she find life so mundane.

Ichika who was inspired by Yukari's tea making decided to come up with an ocean theme for their Patisserie with the Whale Strawberry Daifuku as the menu. After the event, Yukari's fangirls were attacked by Julio and Yukari transform to confront him.

Julio managed to caught hold of Cure Macaron and even taunt about her older sister. At that moment, Cure Macaron knew that Julio and Rio are the same person since she make up the lie of having an older sister. Julio realised he was duped and tried to attack her furiously.

Cure Macaron used her new skill-Macaron Perfection to even the odds and the rest of the girls joined in to finish off Julio's weapon. After the battle, Yukari make some tea for her grandmother which she commented that it is not good. Yukari laughed to herself that she finally knew what enjoyment is about all. Although the tea that Rio make before has also raise some suspicious.

Meanwhile, Julio set his sights on Ichika...

This confirmed that Yukari is the most cunning girl in the group and how she has her suspicious on Rio since Day 1. The only problem is Yukari is more of a loner who decided to take on Rio/Julio and not letting the others know. Probably she knew that Ichika or Himari might screw up her plan.

At the same time, Yukari decided to play "the Lonely girl" act to get Rio to lower his defenses by lying about her older sister getting all the attention from her parents. Sure enough, when Julio later mentioned about Yukari''s sister, she knew that Rio and Julio are the same person since she only told  him before.

Other than Cure Macaron's solo battle with Julio and Macaron Perfection looked like Spin Saucers blades, this is so far a pretty heavy episode of Yukari trying to unravel Rio's true identify and we get to know that Yukari is still trying to find a purpose in her life since we knew that she is Miss Perfect. Although tea making will probably a past time for Yukari to enjoy and perhaps strive for perfection. But I am still waiting for the episode where Yukari will act out of character since she alway play cool and collective as seeing that expression will be priceless.

Overall, an episode that doesn't involve a third party but Yukari herself overcoming her doubts and unraveling Julio's identify. However Julio is pissed that Yukari has ruined his plans and decided to set his final experiment on Ichika. As seen in the preview, Ichika lose her Kiraru energy by Julio and the rest of the girls must figure out a way to get it. Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. This is the first season that the leader of the pretty cure is the victim.