Monday, May 15, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 15 Review: My Beloved Sister!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 15 and today we are introduced to Akira's younger sister, Miku!

Hey little girl, want some sweets? (Ichika looked like some dirty old man preying on little kids)

When Akira was first introduced in the series, she mentioned she had a younger sister, Miku who is warded in hospital for a certain health condition. So when the girls met Miku for the first time, she was very lively and full of cuteness that the girls immediately make her a waiting staff at the  Patisserie.

Akira was resistant to the idea but saw Miku trying her best despite forgetting the order and messing up the sweets decoration. Later Miku told Ichika that she want to make something for Akira for all the support she gave her (which even Rio supported her)

Ichika came up the idea of a chocolate poodle cake and Miku was able to make it for Akira. She was touched by it since she recalled how she calmed a young Miku (by giving her chocolate) when she was frighted by a poodle dog.

Of course, Julio appeared and sucked Miku's Kiraru energy to make his weapon which looked like a trident and Cure Chocolat went head-on desperately trying to get back Miku's Kiraru energy.

Similar to last week's episode with Cure Gelato, Cure Chocolat could feel Miku's energy and she used it to create Chocolat Aromase which looked similar to Cure Whip's special attack. Once Julio retreated with him now being pissed off which is odd since everything he claimed he did is just an "experiment", Akira brought Miku back to the hospital (I forgot to mention the doctor gave her a day pass to leave the hospital) and the girls told Miku that she is welcome to the Patisserie anytime...

Despite the title of this episode claimed it is about Akira but it is more of introducing Miku. Miku is the sweetheart to everyone as she showed liveliness even though I got a feeling it is to cover up her health condition. (You know, for kids?) Although the reason why Miku love chocolate was Akira giving her to coax when she was frightened by a dog as a child and even have some spare chocolates make by Akira which Miku called it her treasure.

However compared to Aoi's episode, Akira in this episode wasn't that impressed since we already know she will do anything to protect her sister and even went head-on against Julio which failed obviously. Even Cure Chocolat's new attack, Chocolat Aromase didn't feel amazing as it is just Chocolate cream shooting all over the place. (Seriously Toei, you are going everyone a bad case of sugar rush by the end of the series)

Overall, an okay episode since Miku is the one who stole the show but an unimpressed fight with Julio. Next week, Yukari decided to take the offensives to find out who Rio really is. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Miku is voiced by Honda Kadea and she is the voice of Aoba from Keijo (Ass of Babylon) and Miyoko of Handa-Kun (Eraserrrrrr....) Those who watch Handa-Kun will know what this means...

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