Monday, May 8, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 14 Review: The Lion and The Dolphin

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 14 and Aoi is revealed to be an Ojou Sama!

After last week's little moment of Aoi not willing to appear in front of the camera, we finally got an answer this week and after a mysterious (and handsome) butler "abducted" Aoi during her live concert, Yukari (for reasons unknown) got Aoi's home address and they paid a visit.

You know, Aoi is pretty sweet among the three junior girls.

What caught them (minus Yukari) by surprise was a well dressed Aoi and her family is well-known in the business industry. Aoi's butler introduced himself as Mizushima and he is pretty strict towards her. Although the girls learn from him that he was adopted by Aoi's parents and became a surrogate brother to Aoi.

It actually make sense for Mizushima to repay Aoi's parents by coming a guardian to Aoi. I felt that Mizushima behave more like an older brother disciplining his sibling despite having a poker face which of course got Aoi upset since she was not allowed to go to her performances or work with the girls.

My god! What did they do to you, Rio?!

The girls were discussing what to do next until Rio came in and tried to give discouragement to them. But of course, Ichika is pretty dense and decided to do the opposite! By making Mizushima and Aoi coming to an understanding and with the power of cooking, they created Blue Jello with a dolphin stuffed in!

Rio was speechless and Yukari who is most observant knew something was wrong with Rio's words but decided to keep mum about it. The girls crash into a party hosted by Aoi's family and Aoi did her gig with her band (Though how did her band members sneak in is another question? I know Aoi's working staff did supported her by getting her band members but setting up a stage in record time did raise some questions)

Mizushima was annoyed by the stunts however Ichika let him eat the Dolphin Jello and listening to Aoi's performance which he was moved by it but he kept a poker face and remarked that it is a waste of time. Rio after seeing the people in the party having Kiraru energy while listening to Aoi decided to make his move and started sucking the Kiraru energy including Mizushima.

A battle ensure and Julio spotted that there is some Kiraru energy left in Mizushima but Cure Gelato deflected his attacks and realised that Mizushima do care for her and she absorbed his energy, turning it into her new attack-Gelato Shake (Which again why Toei is taking the easy way out by having Cure Gelato way back at the background while her attacks is at the foreground)

I am smarter than I looked, Ichika!

After Julio retreated and everything went back to normal, Aoi returned back to the Patisserie and Mizushima allowed her to go for her performances and work in the Patisserie as long she keep her grades up which surprised Ichika since she assume that Aoi is not good with her grades and Aoi tease her...

Overall, this is a better character developed episode than last week as it show that Aoi is pretty different from most typical Ojou characters like Minami or Alice. For her, Aoi is very free spirited and her friends accepted her for who she is and not what she is.

Mizushima's nagging is understandable since he is given the responsibilities to take care of Aoi since how Aoi's parents are not around all the time. It make sense for Aoi to do something she really enjoyed and to keep herself occupied. (It could be worse, Aoi might mix with bad company given how she like to potray herself as a rock singer)

Miku is the "Sweetest" sister!

Next week, we are introduced to Akira's younger sister, Miku and she is the next target for Julio! Can Akira protect her from him? Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. You should have mentioned the scene where the girls travelled to Aoi's mansion with 8-bit game music in the background. I liked that part. :)