Monday, May 1, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 13 Review: Mascot Reporter Himari!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 13 and Himari is given the task to promote the shopping district.

This episode is kinda of expected for Himari's development since she is very shy among strangers and for some unknown reason, the fruit seller (who saw Himari's commentary on the Flamingo Churros) insisted that Himari is the best person to promote the shopping district.

Despite the many fumbles she had to go through, Himari nearly give up promoting until she saw a little girl asking her mother about how Churros were made. It actually flashback to Himari as a child who was fascinated about Puddings and learn everything about it.

So I am guessing every episode, we will be seeing a different look on Julio's staff so what is next? A whip, a hammer or maybe a Transformer?

Himari realised she might have the knowledge all to herself but to share with others is more fun which I am guessing what this episode is teaching us about. This also gave Himari/Cure Custard the courage to face Julio later in the episode after he mocked them and him treating everything as an experiment.

I mean, seriously Toei, this is the best you can do for Custard Illusion?

The only grip I have was Cure Custard's new attack-Custard Illusions. Although it is basically endless machine gun barrage however the graphics was really awful when she fired it. I meant just having her figure at the background with no details or even an impact to make it memorable. (One word, Toei's laziness)

In the end, Himari overcome her shyness and the video they uploaded got better views. Overall, It is a "Play by number" episode for Himari however it could be better. (Not that I am biased but the yellow cures usually have the best character developments throughout their run, look at Yayoi/Cure Peace or Kirara/Cure Twinkle)

Next week, we shift to Aoi and guess what, she is actually a rich girl but it seems her family is against her love for rock music and "abducted" her back home! Find out why in the next episode! Until, see you in the next post!

(I know this review is short but given that most of you have already watched the episode and I kinda of expecting Himari overcoming her shyness through the battle since it is basically Precure 101 to have such a scenario every season)

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