Sunday, January 22, 2017

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 49: The Miracle of Magic Part 2 (Wait? This is not the Final Episode?!)

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 49 Review and it is the final battle with Desumast!

With the Rainbow Chariot completed, the girls was able to reawaken Rapapa and Kotoha became a giant version of Rapapa along with the two girls fighting Desumast.

It's official, the Headmaster and Kushi are more than friends!

After a long struggle, the girls and the people on Earth and the Magic World gave their strength to them and finally defeated Desumast. However Kotoha told the girls that it is time for the Magic World to leave.

Mirai and Riko couldn't bear each other to leave not before Riko wished for them to meet again with her magic and returned to the Magic World. Mirai watched them disappear into obilvion as she returned to Earth and Morufun turned back into a normal stuffed bear...

Years passed and Mirai and her peers are now in college. Despite having a normal life, Mirai felt something missing and her grandmother noticed it too. She gave Mirai a peep talk about believing in Miracle and Mirai carried Morufun out that night.

Mirai recalled all her times with Riko and Kotoha and cried in tears, wishing for them to return. As Mirai keep chanting "Cure Up! Rapapa! many times, the Snail train arrived and Riko, Kotoha and a revived Morufun reunited with Mirai again...

I admit the ending is touching and I was kinda of expecting such a reunion between the three girls to happened. The final battle with Desumast is over the top but to be honest, Desumast has no personality since the four generals conveyed his thoughts through them. The girls' final attack is basically Son Goku's Spirit Ball with the people on Earth lending them strength for the girls to defeat Desumast.

But seriously, this season has the worst set of villains who are either incompetent or one-dimensional. Desumast might go down in history as the worst final boss in Precure, compared to Dyspear and Red, at least you know their motivation. Did Desumast explain why he want to defeat Rapapa in the first place? Never. He is just evil for the sake of evil and that is a bad villain.

Mirai growing up to a college girl is all right since we hardly seen any previous Precure in their early 20s in full. (Go Princess did something similar but we can't see how they looked like as adults)

Mirai's grandmother is probably the only one who know Mirai has a heavy burden on her and gave a peer talk which was encouraging. Then we had Mirai chanting the magic words like the first episode and surprise, Riko arrived in the Snail Train (which to be honest, it could even be the Denliner from Kamen Rider Den-Oh) and the girls finally reunited.

But how did Riko return to Earth? How did Kotoha returned to her human form after merging with Rapapa? Can someone explain what is Morufun's connection with the Linkle Diamond? Maybe we will get an answer or not in the final episode next week. But seriously, this episode should have been the finale since the girls reunited.

If Toei could have trim down some of the previous episodes like the Kids episode or the Great Pumpkin episode, this episode will be the perfect ending and I can get on with Kirkira Precure next week. But no, we have to wait for two more weeks for Kirakira Precure's premise.

As seen, Dokuroxy returned again in the finale next week which make me scratch my head. Why? Even Close has a better reason as the final enemy in Go Princess finale! Dokuroxy is not even in his original form but a make shift statue from Yamoh previously! Until then, let's get over this hurdle next week as we said goodbye to the girls one last time!


  1. I think Deusmast wanted to destroy Rapapa because she was standing in his way of destroying/absorbing the earth. It was revealed that he's one big mass of dark matter that goes from planet to planet absorbing them to make himself stronger, so when he discovered "life", he wanted to absorb that too which is why he came to earth to begin with but I dont think he expected someone like Mother Rapapa to stand in his way. He probably expected Earth to be an easy target like the rest of the planets but seeing as how Mother Rapapa was the embodiment of the world, they had no choice but to fight eachother. She wasnt going to let him absorb the planet and in order to absorb the planet, he had to get rid of her...atleast thats my take on it

    Deusmast really does remind me of Galactus from Fantastic Four or some type of black hole

    I really do agree with u on him being boring, he didnt have any personality of his own because the generals controlled him and were his personality which really sucks because he had a lot of potential, especially the way he came out of the sun...he was sooo bad ass

  2. not just mofurun but How and why diamond linkle stone appear on Mirai and Liko House ? don't tell me "Destiny"

  3. I am really courious about the next episode. Maybe is an epilogue and know about what happened now. The answers about how they meet together... I didn't questioning that, but are really obvious. Maybe because Magic and a miracle.

  4. I agree with Brian benjamin about Deusmast being boring. The fight wasn't bad but I feel they could have done more with it. Basicly I feel that there were elements leading up to this episode that were not utilized as much as they could, like Oruba scheming, or maybe Kushi research could have come into play somehow.

    Still I loved the ending of this episode, and for all the problems this season had I liked how they went to the magic world and hung out.

  5. First DX 3, then Smile Precure ep 48, next is Go Princess Precure ep 49 and 50. Why do Precure episodes and movies have sad scenes? Makes anyone have feels!