Sunday, January 29, 2017

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 50 FINAL: All the Sweets are gone!

Cure Up! Rapapa! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who are celebrating today! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Final Episode!

Basically this episode is more of an epilogue of what happened to everyone five years later and because Kotoha just want to relive as a young teen, she turned Mirai, Riko and herself into teens again.

However Dokuroxy (which is sentient now) started eating all the sweets he can find and even swollen Kotoha's wand in the process. Of course, this led to a wild goose chase as the girls went back to the Magical World and see how everyone is getting along.

Like how Batty is a student in the school, the three mermaids friends have enrolled in the Magic school with Riko as their teacher. But the reunion will have to wait since Dokuroxy is still on an eating spree. (Although the headmaster and Batty mentioned of how Kushi and Dokuroxy loved sweets which I can't imagine the head of the Dark Magicians has a sweet tooth)

As the girls followed Dokuroxy to Earth, they found a Pastries shop which Usami Ichika is tending to the shop. She welcome the girls with some cakes and the girls wondered if they ever meet Ichika again after their meal.

Soon, Dokuroxy appeared with a revived Yamoh. Dokuroxy tried to suck all the sweets and nearly sucked Chikurun. (who was out collecting honey) He recovered Kotoha's wand and the girls immediately transformed. When Dokuroxy tried to escape, a mysterious Precure arrived and managed to trip him over. With that, the girls purified Dokuroxy which they realised that he was having a bad tooth and now he is cured thanks to the girls.

After Dokuroxy and Yamoh promised to go in peace, the girls enjoyed some Ichigo buns and Mirai and Riko saw two young girls sharing their buns and realised they were glad they meet each other. With that, the girls deciced to share the Ichigo buns with everyone else and flew in the Rainbow Chariot to share the buns with everyone around the world...

So Dokuroxy went on a rampage because of his craving of sweets and having a bad tooth is not helping either?! Precure everyone! Sure, we get to see how everyone has been getting on (Including a cameo from a certain All-Stars movie) but I felt last week's episode was a good closure with the three girls but Toei has to use the same method they used for all current Kamen Rider series which is basically having the girls meeting Ichika Usami/Cure Whip as a sneak preview for next week.

Overall, this episode is decent with everyone all happy with an Ichigo Bun on their hand since it was an Ichigo Bun that started Mirai and Riko's journey together. I felt turning the girls back to teenagers is kinda of lazy since we never seen any adult Precures in action but then Precure is always aimed at the young girls demographic. the Internet for doujins about adult Precures in action!

Ichika's cameo is all right with her whipping a Morufun shaped cake for the girls and Cure Whip used "Whip Cream" to trip Dokuroxy which might be true for Kirikira Precure to rely less on melee combat and more on flashy magic attacks. We will have to see how it goes next week.

Final Thoughts: After Go Princess ended with a finale that make us laugh and cried to the end, Maho Tsukai initially started with a decent plot of finding the Linkle stones and how the Magic World operated. (Kinda of) But if you have been following my reviews for the last 15 episodes or so, you know that my thoughts has went from disappointed to what the hell were they thinking?

Let's start with the main three girls with Riko first. Riko started off pretty selfish as she see the Linkle Emerald as a way to get better and to be on par with Rizu however after Mirai showed her how Earth is able to work without magic, she has a different view on magic and life in general. Although she tried to be Miss Know-All with little success but she is probably the only one among the three to achieve as a full fledged magician.

Kotoha started as an infant who is naive to the world and thanks to Mirai and Riko's guidance, she became a decent character however she behave like a small kid trapped in a teen body which seriously it turned me off. I know when she become Cure Felice, her character became wise since she has Rapapa's essence but after that, Kotoha become very childish like complaining of her hunger or being irresponsible by using magic to aid others with sometime terrible results. Even though, she became something like a guardian for Rapapa, her character didn't sleep with me.

Mirai is probably the same person from the beginning to the end of the season. If you think Mana from Doki Doki was bad with her Student Head attitude, Mirai is a person who doesn't like to be alone which explained why she still keep Morufun by her side in adulthood. My own theory suggested that Mirai cannot accept loneliness and need to be with her peers in order to get attention. (Otherwise, depression?) I also don't see the point of her being a magic student since the lessons she was taught doesn't really help at all in actual combat and she never even complete magic school or even passed one semester.

The villains ranged from incompetent to wasted potential. The Dark Magicain are a bunch of idiots who can't handle two girls and a talking bear. Never mind that Dokuroxy is just a zombie with a sweet tooth and can only say one syllabus. So when they were defeated, I was hoping for a more competent villain group instead we had a genie who is too lazy that he became the first victim of the girls' power up because Mr Genie didn't try hard enough. Shakinsu wasn't very bright and was killed next. Oruba who planned too hard but was defeated because of double crossed and Benigyo who was all style but no substance.

Desumast was even worse since he appeared as a standing giant object who can't talk and just want to destroy everything because Rapapa sealed him as he was evil. That's a boring villain trait with no motivation. Like I said before, a hero is only good as his villain. If you understand what the villain's motivation are, you will appreciate more of the villian and root the hero to win but here...No. Not even a hint of why Desumast is evil because he is evil for the sake of evil. (Even Dr Evil from Austin Powers has more motivation than Desumast)

Don't get me started with the side characters as they don't really contribute much especially the Headmaster who is one of my hated characters in Precure. Maybe he "swing" that way with Kushi which probably explained why he never make any move on Mirai's grandmother.

I have read Kokoda's review on Desumast's motives and some of the theories he has for the various plot holes. I don't mind his views but to be honest, the characters are not interesting, the pacing is all over the place and the conflict and tension is lacking to the point that I just want it to end. The last three episodes felt so rushed for a final battle that If I were to describe this season, it is only adequate or bare minimum which is not good for a franchise that has so many seasons and to fall short on so many expectations.

I have done reviews for the last five seasons of Precures and if I will to rank this season, it will be at the bottom five right after Doki Doki. Yes, it is that bad like Star Wars Episode 1 and 2 bad. If you like this season, more power to you which I will respect that. But this is one season I will not recommend to newcomers.

Overall, Maho Tsukai is finally over and I can start afresh with Kira Kira next week which I hope that it will do better than it's predecessor. (Cross fingers) Otherwise, I might have to start looking for other shows to review on a regular basic. Until then, let's bade farewell to Mirai, Riko and Kotoha and welcome the Kira Kira Precure Team next week!


  1. Boy, THANK GOD this hot mess was over. From start until finish, I just can't stomach this season which turned out to be even worse than Doki Doki AND the once worst Happiness Charge.

    Out of the main casts, Riko is the ONLY person I bother to care about from start until the end, and that's mostly because I often relate to her struggles with my own, which is why it's sweet to see her finally becomes a competent magician and becomes a teacher along with her older sister Lizzie (who is my waifu).

    In the case of Ha Chan/Hanami Kotoha, I gradually disliked her, especially after she grew into a teenager. Even with the oh-so-obvious revelation that she was the reincarnation of Mother Rapapa, I treated her as a plot device afterwards and never bother to care about her anymore.

    MIRAI! This girl pisses me off from the start until the end! Not only she had ZERO character development this entire time (even after she grew into an adult), but her continuous insistence of "We're gonna stay together FOREVER~~!!" seriously made me want to pouch some sense of realism on her brain. The ending still ended up fulfilling her selfish wish anyways, which is the primary reason why I can't stand this girl, EVER. I still hated Mana the most among all lead Cures, but Mirai easily fits into the 2nd most hated category above Megumi. I have nothing much to say about Mofurun, she should be burned to dust in the first place.

    But hey, there's one thing to cheer: In this episode alone I've already liked Usami Ichika more than I felt about Mirai for the whole 50 episodes. Let's hope the new season won't disappoint me!

  2. so precure each series happen on same universe now ? toei need explain a lot on Dreamstars movies .

    1. You have to thank Kamen Rider Decade for bringing the Toei Universe since 2009...

  3. Yeah, this season rather lacked substance. I'm glad the bold two-part finale plot made up for it. Good luck Cure Whip!

  4. Question, how do you know it's five years later?

    1. Mirai started in the show as 13 years old in Junior High. After passing the Christmas episode and the final battle, she should be 14 yrs old. She will spent one more year in Junior High before moving to High School. High School is from 16yrs to 18yrs old. After that to College. Which add up to 5 years.

    2. in japan 18yrs Is considered a minor right?

    3. Yes. 20 years old is considered an adult in Japan.

    4. Then we can say that they are not adults yet?

    5. If I have to make a guess, Mirai is probably 19 in college.

    6. I am sorry to ask many questions, is that I always see your blog and this is the first time I ask.

    7. It's all right. I tried my best to answer if I can.

  5. In my opinion, This is a really Weird and pretty bad and rushed Cash-in of the Harry Potter Franchise, I must share your opinions on this one, the Big Problem is that not mush was given to many of the Characters, and the Amount of Batshit insane ideas in this was radicalise, Do you even remember the Dark Magicians where still in this? for me, Not really in fact many of the Monsters of the Week in this where easily defeated or Destroyed, Not much character development was given to the Witches and Wizards in this other then Kyoto being Generally an Ass half the time, But it's not very compelling And I'm still questioning why this is called Maho Girls PreCure instead of Witchy Pretty Cure, I see reasons why it should be called Witchy, And when I seen Cure Whip in this, My brain finally broke from the insanity of this God Damn season, So in my opinion, This entire season has been a massive Tie-in season to another, This is a Pretty Crappy why of Treating a Fantastic Franchise made for Kids, Girls and Magical Girl Fans like myself, Though what should I expect from Toei.