Sunday, January 15, 2017

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 48: The Miracle of Magic Part 1 (It should be called a Snooze Fest)

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 48 Review and what is going on when the Earth and the Magic World become one?

The girls realised everyone has magic powers and their friends from both the Magic world and Earth are getting along. However the girls knew something is really wrong and went to look for the Headmaster.

The headmaster and Lian were not surprised (which is odd?) by the changes of the world and Kotoha's Smart Tome actually explained what is going on. The short version is Desumast is bad and Rapapa (which I am suspecting the Magic Tree is her) is now using her powers to protect Mirai's town and has merged the Magic World into one continent.

However Desumast and the four generals (who have become part of him) are determined to destroy the last remains of Earth (The merged world) and started to create disasters to weaken the land.

The Headmaster suggested that defeating Desumast might reverse the process however both Earth and the Magic World will be separated forever. The girls realised it could be the last time together but they decided to face Desumast one last time.

The girls began their battles with the last remains of humans and the natives of the Magic World praying for their victory. The girls' resolve awaken the final two Decor and the Rainbow Chariot started to glow...

You know when Toei does Finale episodes arc, they are usually over the top and everything is moving into overdrive, this episode make me want to sleep seriously.

Let's start from the beginning which is the girls finding out that everyone can use magic and the girls knew something was wrong however they didn't tell their friends that something was wrong and immediately ran to the Headmaster for help.

Which seriously the Headmaster is one of the most useless side characters. For a guy who is suppose to be the lead in Magic, he doesn't really do anything (Other than that fight with Dokuroxy which ended in face palm) to resolve or figuring out what is going on. Sure, he and Lian knew what is going on but instead they rather put their fates on three young girls who are completely clueless as he is. I felt the Headmaster's broadcast was very mediocre other than asking everyone to hold hands to pray for victory. Thanks, Headmaster! You have become a worse character than Blue from Happiness Charge Precure!

Desumast did conquered all of Earth minus one little continent which the Magic Tree is protecting the merged world. So my theory was wrong from last episode which instead it was the Magic Tree who actually did the merging and from the way the villains looked down at the Magic Tree, it was Rapapa's spirit that is protecting the merged world.

With the girls knowing that by defeating Desumast will restore everything however the two worlds can never be alighted again, I felt there was no last resolve with the girls' emotions knowing they might never see each again.

To be honest, I rather have one scene with the three girls pouring their emotions before the final battle or better still, let the girls transform in front of their friends and families to know they are fighting for them. But no, the girls just went to confront Desumast and his goons and started their Royal Rumble.

With the Rainbow Chariot completed and not knowing what is going next, I just can't wait for this show to end. The next episode preview showed flashbacks of the girls and Mirai and Morufun falling back to Earth which probably I am guessing next episode will be the final battle and Episode 50 will be the aftermath and epilogue. Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. - the girls knew something was wrong however they didn't tell their friends that something was wrong

    Mirai did it but her friend still not notice that 2 world have merge,that why their ran to Headmaster and he explain that because Mother Rapapa Power.