Sunday, January 8, 2017

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 47: Desumast climbing out of a Hole!?

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 47 Review and this is the beginning of the end!

When it started to snow in the Magical world for no reasons, Mirai and the others went to the nearby temple and praying for their wishes. However Riko and Kotoha are worried about their futures.

With Riko, it make sense since she wanted to be a full fledged magic user and Kotoha know about her connection with Rapapa, the two of them were worried that the three of them will not be together which Mirai claimed they will be BFF!

This time, Benigyo went all out by combining all of Desumast's followers into one and she became a huge demon. Not only that, she did a number to the city with the girls trying to stop her. (Although you wonder where are the police or the army since such an incident happen?)

But no sooner than that, the girls managed to defeat Benigyo but she is not out yet when suddenly Desumast finally appeared and revived Oruba, Shakince and Mr Genie! Desumast also created a bright flash and the world turned white...

Mirai woke up again in her bed but realised the Magic World has merged with Earth...

With this, we are finally counting down to the last three episodes and there are some good moments especially the fight with Benigyo and we got some good physical fights in it. The destruction was also good since Benigyo just went all Evangelion and fire a laser beam to obliterate half a city. (And you think Precure doesn't do such dark moments?)

The arrival of Desumast was kinda of creepy since it reminds me of Madoka Magicia with it's imagery since two giant arms were climbing out of a black hole in the sky. But no further, Desumast actually succeeded in his plan! Which is merging the Magic World and Earth into one world?! For what reasons did he did that? These raise a lot of questions which I hope it is not "I am Evil because for the sake of Evil" reason.

Riko and Kotoha's uneasiness were also addressed as they knew once the battle is over, they will have to go their separate ways. (which obviously is not since we know they will return in the next All Stars Movie)

Overall, it is an okay episode with a bit of predictable moments although that last scene was kinda of surprising. With the girls who probably are the only ones who know what is really going on, will they take the fight with Desumast and his revived generals? Find out next week! Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: We finally got a short teaser for Kira Kira Precure and knowing who is airing who was a bit surprising since other than Fujita Saki (Kancolle's Akagi and Former Cure Flora) who is voicing Cure Macaron and Muranaka Tomo (World Trigger's Yuma) who voiced Cure Gelato, the rest of the voice cast are pretty new.

But we finally get back to Primary Colors Cures and the animal motifs is probably a first for Precure and it is kinda of cute. Can't wait to see what this new team will bring to the table when they arrived on 5th February!

P.S2: Being playing Smite on my PS4 for a while as you can tell from my new banner that I like using Freya. If you too love playing Smite, my ID is Ultra1415 in the game. See you!


  1. I am looking forward for KiraKira but I can't help but worried that that series will become uninteresting since we all heard that the action scenes are going to be tone down.

    Are you worried about that?

    1. A bit but if Toei is able to come up with creative ideas to fight, I am okay with it. Instead Maho Tsukai didn't make magic interesting in its' battles despite being a show about magic..

  2. Seee, I didnt think that bright light came from Deusmast merging both worlds. I thought it was Mother Rapapa's spirit trying to tell the girls something. If you noticed, Felice's smartome and the girls linkle stones lit up before they were sucked into that void. We even saw an image of Mother Rapapa before that happened

    Maybe she's allowing the girls to live in a merged world dream so they can find the key to defeating Deusmast, either that or like u said, Deusmast did it to get rid of the girls so he could take over without any problems. Kind of like what Dyspear did to Haruka in one of the last episodes of GPPC, but ofcourse she chose to leave that dream because it wasnt real and it was too easy