Sunday, October 23, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 38 : The Great Pumpkin Hunt!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 38 Review and today is the Great Pumpkin Festival!

Basically the running gag in this episode is Kotoha is famished that she started hallucinating food in front of her. The girls arrived for the Great Pumpkin Festival where the host is Watanabe Mayu who is a popular TV celebrity on Earth but in actual fact, a magic user also.

Mepple and are big!

After learning of the Great Pumpkin hunt where anyone is allowed to catch a giant flying sentient Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin and the reward is a golden egg which suppose to grant a wish. Everyone tried to catch it with hilarious results since the Giant Pumpkin is capable of turning people into sweets and desserts for a short period of time.


But Morfuru sense something wrong with the Giant Pumpkin although Kotoha is determined to catch it due to her hunger overtaking her and nearly she embarrassed herself in front of everyone. As expected, Shakinsu appeared (after being oddly caught in Mirai's giant net) and summoned a Don Yokubal to battle the girls.

If you put some white cream on their faces, you will adult situation for a midnight anime show!

Morfurn then realised the Giant Pumpkin has a toothache and she pull it out for it. In return, the Giant Pumpkin aid the girls with giant bubblegum to get the girls out of the Don Yokubal's body. After the battle, Morfurn was declared the winner and the golden egg hatched which revealed...a tree of toothbrushes?! Everyone took one of it and brush their teeth since they were eating a lot of sweets in this episode...

So this episode is a PSA on taking care of your teeth as seen by the Giant Pumpkin who was behaving oddly during the hunt because of the toothache. With the bad tooth removed, it helped the girls and gave everyone a toothbrush in the end to remind everyone to take care of their teeth.

The other highlight of Kotoha's behaviour that is so like her. Remember that Kotoha is still a child in a older body which is why she complained of hunger very easily. Although it was funny to see a Precure (Cure Felice) having a rumbling stomach during battle which is kinda of dumb that the girls didn't get any food in the festival beforehand. But then they were distracted by the Giant Pumpkin hunt and Watanabe Mayu's appearance.

If you are not sure who she is, Watanabe Mayu is a member of AKB48 and she also performed the ending song for this episode to promote the new Maho Tsukai movie. The ending song is full of the cute chibi design which it was used in Go Princess Movie first and it was lovely. (Any idea if the shops in Japan sell the Chibi version of the Cures? I might get it if they are sold in shops)

Overall, the episode is all right for a comedy and a PSA. Oruba is still getting reports from Chikurun and not making a move which annoyed Shakinsu to attack the girls. (Which I am waiting patiently to see what Oruba's master plan is) We ended one festival episode to another festival episode which is the Halloween episode next week! Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. Congratulations, An entire episode where our so called witch PreCures trying to catch a Pumpkin which might be a Post-Halloween event, Then it turns into a PSA for taking good care of your teeth, And then putting the last nail in Sanity's coffin with the Golden Egg growing a Toothbrush Tree, Even the Nostalgia Critic would go insane with this!