Monday, October 31, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 39 : Strange Encounter on Halloween!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 39 Review and everyone is celebrating Halloween today!

The girls returned to Earth with a class of Magic students to see how Halloween is celebrated. The headmaster, the headteacher and Francois also tagged along despite the headteacher complaining of coming to Earth.

When they arrived at the festival which was celebrated in their home town, the girls were amazed by the displays and atmosphere. Mayumi and Kana were happy to see Jun and company again and Ha-Chan created costumes for the girls to blend in.

Mirai's grandmother also felt a sense of nostalgia when she saw the headmaster despite the headmaster not remembering her. (That was like more than half a century ago!) The girls then saw Souta and Yuto were manning a crepe store and Jun, Emily and Kei decided to help by using their magic however it startled everyone and the headteacher immediately reprimanded them.

The girls then decided to help the crepe store without using their powers and despite how Chikurun claimed that magic users and normal humans can never get along, Morfurun explained it is possible since Mirai and Riko were proof of how everyone can get along.

Benigyo appeared with a Don Yokubal and the girls battled it. (I am not going into detail of the battle because it is the usual stint) Although Mirai's grandmother met the headmaster again and before she could ask him anything, he disappeared and Mirai's grandmother felt it is better to let it be. (Oh yeah, a new Magic Decor entered the Rainbow Chariot which I don't care anymore)

After the magic students returned, the headmaster received a call from Riko's father, Lian who informed him of some new discoveries...

Since this episode is injunction with everyone who are celebrating Halloween today, Happy Halloween Everyone! About the episode itself, I felt it is okay since it is more of how the people from both the Magic World and Earth were be able to interact and Halloween is the perfect day since everyone is in costumes and no one will question a class of real magic users wandering the town.

Although it is just a moment, Mirai's grandmother has a sense of deja vu as she finally meet the headmaster all these years. (Wait till, the headmaster reveal his real age, Mirai's grandmother might had a different tune after that) Anyway, it was nice and I hope if there is a closure, the two will meet again before the end of the season.

Chikurun is behaving like a non-believer since he does not believe that humans and magic users can get along (Why of course, he is a spy for the bad guys!) However Morfurun who was positive about it show him that Mirai and Riko are examples that anything is possible.

Riko's mother is hot! (Doujin Artists, do an Ohyako Don Doujin about Riko, Rizu and their Mother!)

In the end, Lian discovered something and informed the headmaster which looked like a picture of people gathering in a circle. We will probably know about it in a future episode. In the next episode, it is Riko's birthday and her family has came to Earth to celebrate with her! How will Riko react to her whole family coming to Earth? Find out in two weeks' time! Until then, see you in the next post!

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