Sunday, October 16, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 37 : Beauty Warmed the Cold Beast

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 37 Review and the girls discovered the headmaster is missing again!

After finding from the head teacher that the headmaster abandoned his duties, the girls went to search for him at the magical world. Although I wonder why the girls are needed to find him where there is clearly many people in the Magic World willing to find him?

Which the girls did find the headmaster, plucking the oranges from an orange plantation! His reason? The oranges are for the upcoming Town Festival however the oranges doesn't look good due to the weather. If the headmaster will spend more time analyzing the weather due to an evil being inhabiting in the Sun than plucking the oranges, I am sure he will know the reason why the oranges looked bad. No wonder their school always get attacked by Evil Forces, they had a headmaster who is as useless as Blue!

What to do with the oranges? They need the Ice Dragons to freeze it which is weird. Why couldn't the headmaster create a freeze magic to freeze the oranges? So that we can have some emotional moments of Chikurun reporting to Oruba and seeing Mirai and Morufun getting frost bites and him acting all sorry to them.

The battle was mediocre since Benigyo didn't want to fight at first until a frozen orange that she accidentally swollen make her all gross and pissed. (Due to Chikurun accidentally throwing it) After the battle, one of the Ice Dragon had a crush on Kotoha and he helped to freeze the oranges in the end...

So this episode is another disappointing one for me. Perhaps I am spolit by Go Princess's story direction and now seeing Maho Tsukai doing the wrong things make me worried that I might give up this series one day! (I hope not!)

First, I know there is some kind of ongoing plot point of how the weather is affecting everything in the Magic World and I wonder why anyone make some kind of theory to suggest there is something wrong with the Sun? I thought the headmaster is some kind of authority on Magic and he couldn't figure it either?

Instead, we spend the whole episode plucking oranges and getting Ice Dragons (who are friendly) to freeze oranges? The oranges are also for the next episode which we are getting another festival episode! I am pretty sure that the girls just finished one school festival in the Magic World and another festival is being held so soon?

Chikurun is going to be conflicted in future episodes as the girls are still treating him like a friend and he continued his report to Oruba. Let me guess, it won't go well when Chikurun is revealed to be a spy as in the first place, the girls were too blind to see through his deception.

Next episode, the town festival begins and for some reason, we have a lovely female mage that is highlighted for the end credits. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Nothing interesting to talk about this episode so forgive me for my ranting in this post!

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