Sunday, June 5, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 18: Battle above the Clouds!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 18 Review and Gamets challenge the girls for the Linkle Garnet Stone!

Continuing from last episode, Ha-Chan blamed herself as she dropped the Linkle Garnet and Gamets took it from them. Although everyone didn't blame her, she felt responsible somehow but when Gamets challenge the girls to meet them at a floating mountain in the Magic world, the girls returned back to the Magic World.

Along the way, the girls met Loretta and her fellow mermaids which they offered a ride for the girls to get closer to the floating mountain. After that, the Mother Pegasus and her son gave the girls a lift above the clouds to face Gamets. Throughout, Ha-Chan remember how Mirai and Riko inspired the Mermaids to reach the surface and how their care for the baby Pegasus is now rewarded.

The girls faced Gamets and he transformed into a leaner and faster form and challenge the girls in a test of strength. This is kinda of confused me a bit. I know that among the three generals, Gamets has so far being quite competent in his battles despite minor setbacks. After retrieving the Linkle Garnet, he didn't report back to Dokuroxy immediately but send a letter to inform him that he is going to beat the girls.

During the battle with the girls, he preached of how power is absolute and so on. (The usual the strong will defeat the weak speech which I heard a million times by power crazed characters) I personally think his plan will failed from the start. One, despite having the Linkle Garent stone, he does not know how to use it so it is completely useless to him. Two, Gamets has a "Villain pride" which he will not let anyone else claim the credit so he didn't join forces with Batty or even inform Dokuroxy of his plan. Instead, Gamets will try to take on the girls himself with his true form.

Thirdly, if Spalda who is weaker than him was defeated by the girls's basic powers, what make Gamets think he can defeat the girls since they clearly have more Linkle stones than him? Finally, Precures are born to fight brute strength and despite how Cure Miracle and Cure Magical was dragged all over the place in the fight. It was for some silly reason (which is not clearly explained) of Ha-Chan trying to stop Gamets and the Linkle Smart Book glowed for a moment that the girls suddenly gain the momentum to overwhelm Gamets. (Lazy Writing again, Toei!)

In the end, Gamets was defeated and reverted into a turtle and the girls got the Linkle Garnet and they all went back happily ever after...kinda of a lame conclusion for this episode if you ask me. Overall, I don't find myself invested in the battle with Gamets despite how Ha-Chan tried to show that she can help the girls and why the Linkle Smart Book glowed and the girls suddenly energized with strength.

Next week, the girls meet the three stooges (Emily, Jun and Kei) again despite they just met each other just two episodes ago. From the preview, it looked they are trying to find out who the Headmaster really is. (Not interested, I don't really care) Although Batty will try to use Spalda and Gamets' bodies to create a more powerful magic spell against the girls.

Until then, see you in the next episode!


  1. I agree with you, this ep conclusion is too easy (worse than typical story last ep). I don't find any Miracle or something should happen at all. But this growing smart book / Ha-chan's power kinda makes less plot hole like Precure getting supported so they can win ; Sparda's ep too. Actually I think they are stronger than 3 of general already.

    P.S. I am not interested in both Principle and Ha-chan.

  2. Here's an odd parallel: Maho Girls Precure & Batman v Superman. Both...
    - are not *terrible*
    - are not great
    - have an interesting idea that comes thru, even if the execution is pretty poor
    - still have enough entertain value to watch all the way to the end

    At least, that's my take.