Sunday, May 29, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 17: I didn't know Pac-Man was in this show?!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 17 Review and today the two girls tried to find out who is Kanoko's crush when she was a teen.

After Kanoko show a picture of herself as a teen to the girls, she claimed she saw an amazing man who stole her heart when the picture was taken. So the girls decided to find Kanoko's crush with the help of Cathy the Crystal Ball.

So the girls went around town to find this person but ended up with false hope since Kanoko does not recognize these men. It was after the girls quietly saved a cat from a tree that Kanoko finally recalled how the man looked like and it was a surprise that it was the Headmaster himself who was her crush many years ago.

Although how he maintain his youth all these years is a question and Kanoko gave him a packet of snacks before he left which until the end of the episode, it showed the Headmaster enjoying the same snack during his tea time.

This also kinda of explained why Kanoko believe in magic and always cover the girls when the magic subject is mentioned.

The second half is kinda of mixed bag for me. For starters, Gamets finally got the Linkle Garent stone after Ha-Chan dropped it and he created a Yokubal for the girls to battle. This battle really make me wonder will the writers munching Precure sweets all day to come up with this episode?!

The Yokubal was all right since it was a creepy Rose creature with Senbei snacks as hands and the girls were trapped inside it's body for a moment. But when the girls escape from it's body, they decided to create a Giant Pac-Man like creature with their Topaz form and munch off the Yokubal's hands! I know Topaz form is the Trickster form but this is something out of a Robot Chicken sketch!

People, I don't like to judge one single episode and claimed that the whole season is bad. Usually I tried to keep my opinion to myself till the final episode before I roast the whole season to the ground. But if Toei keep doing such goofy stunts like this episode, I really have doubts for this season. I get it that Precure is catered for young kids but if you want to pull something like this, do it smart and not rely on a gag that I saw in a Looney Toons cartoon.

You can tell that I am not really happy with this episode and yes, I am aware who is the third Precure thanks to magazine scans. The first part was kinda of slow pace with Kanoko thinking of her old crush. (Wait till they finally meet and she will probably felt ashamed that the headmaster is still in his prime) The second half which other that Gamets got the Linkle Garnet stone, the battle was really "Jumping the Shark."

Next week, after Ha-Chan felt sorry for losing the Linkle Garnet, the girls returned to the Magic world and met up with old friends however Gamets has challenged them for the Linkle Smart Book. Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. I think there's a chance that Gamets will get defeated like Sparda did next.

  2. I don't know what to say about your review, but let me get this straight. You have no problem with Heartcatch or Happiness Charge where they can use some crazy powers out of the blue ala Green Lantern like powers, but you are not okay with Mahou Tsukai doing that with the Topaz form.

    I am sorry I do not understand what you mean by that, cause Precure has done that on a lot of occasions. So what seems to be the problem? Can you at least give some examples?

    1. I apologise to anyone who felt that I am being harsh for this episode. Maybe I was not in the right frame of mind when I was watching it. But to be honest, the writers could have came up with something creative for the battle. Instead the easy way out will be "Hey, it is a Senbei? Let's eat it." Then a Pac-Man creature came out and munch the Senbei off. There are other ways to defeat the Yakubol,like it is a plant so fire work well or cut off it's limbs but eating it? I can accept Cure Lovely's giant punching glove but this is a little too off.

      But if you look at the battles in Maho Tsukai, it really range from Bad to Medicore at most. If it is an one off thing, I can take it as a joke but so far the battles are sub-par compared to the previous seasons. Ever Happiness Charge and Smile Precure which are bad seasons had better fight scenes in general. I don't want to make this a long debate so I am sorry again if I offend anyone. But let's hope Toei try to stay away from the sweets and not do something like this again.

    2. Oh, that's understandable. I do agree that most of Mahou Tsukai's battle are not that great. I guess it has something to do with mages not being able to do much action except for casting, which does fit the theme of this year's Precure.

      It is kind of a shame cause I really do like the characters and the story somewhat.

    3. It kinda of remind me of how Kamen Rider Wizard which is also mage based really had a pretty bad main plot and the fighting was kinda of okay to medicore. (They had some of the worst supporting cast which include an Okama and an annoying sidekick..)

    4. Wow, you're right. So maybe the next Precure season would be fruits/warriors/knight theme like Gaim. If this isn't happening, well I can dream damn it.