Sunday, June 12, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 19 : The Secret Door

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 19 Review and the girls are trying to find out about the headmaster's secret.

Despite an episode about finding what make the headmaster tick, it is all exposition and the girls went on a little trip to find out where the headmaster went to.

After listening to Emily, Jun and Kei's so called rumours about the headmaster and Rizu's claim of a mysterious door in the middle of the large tree which is in the center of the school, the girls make a trip there and by some dumb luck, found the secret door in the middle of a field.

The other development was after 20 episodes, Dokuroxy finally talked and he was voiced by Mr Tohou Fubai, Master Asia himself, Akimoto Yosuke. It was all right since I always enjoyed Akimoto San's manly voice in every role he does. Like most main villain in Precure, he gave a little portion of his power for Batty to commit his latest act and combined both Spalda and Gamets' wand to become a ferocious creature.

Batty got the upper hand against the girls Sapphire form but then Ha-Chan for some strange reasons (It was never explained either) shout again similar to previous episode and a bright glow from the Linkle Smart book make everywhere brighter and the trees even protected her and Batty was being slapped around by living tree branches. (Really?)

The girls then defeated Batty and he reverted back to his usual self instead of a bat. Overall, I felt that Batty was even weaker despite having the combined powers of his fallen comrades. I mean, tree branches slapped him silly. Toei...I have no comments about it.

Despite how the episode is about trying to find out who the headmaster really is, he is hardly in this episode and I don't really care about him unless Toei are trying to pull Kamen Rider Wizard plot twist on us. (If you are not familiar with Kamen Rider Wizard's plot, Wizard's alter ego, Haruto was saved by a white wizard with a Rider belt and Haruto became a Kamen Rider. The twist was the white wizard is also the main villain, Wiseman who was secretly manipulating everyone from Haruto to the villains.)

After that, the girls got a new Linkle Jewel-Amethyst Stone from the door itself and with the help of the Linkle Smart book, the girls decided to open the door and find...we will know what lies beyond next week!

However, the preview kinda spoil it as it seems they have entered Doxuroxy's lair and all hell break loose as Doxuroxy began his attack in the Magic world! Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. Please, don't talk about Kamen Rider Wizard...this series is a damn shame...