Sunday, April 3, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 9 Review: The Final Test!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 9 Review! It is the girls' final magic test and Mirai and Riko have some issues with each other.

I am not really sure how long Mirai has been in the Magic world but it looked like after 5 episodes, she has make friends with Jun and the others since Mirai helped Kei in making a poster to remind her of what to bring for classes.

However both Mirai and Riko knew that if they passed the test, Mirai will have to return back to Earth. During the final test which involve a more annoying version of Laser Tag (with screaming flowers) Mirai jumped straight to take down Rizu but being the magic prodigy, she doesn't go down easily and took down the other three students with ease.

As expected, Mirai told Riko that she is willing to help her become a real Magic User and Riko misunderstood that Mirai wanted to go back home as soon as possible. The two of them of course took down Rizu (With the power of friendship, what else?) and everyone passed the final test.

If there is one grip, it was Batty's appearance and challenge a fight with the girls. I felt there was no reason for Batty to come here because, one, there was no new Linkle stone in this episode, two, unlike some previous seasons where the villains are gathering negative energies for their evil scheme, the Dark Magician group have no motives other than finding the Linkle stones.

Basically this fight was shoehorn at the last moment and the Yokubal was a pushover with no dire consequences (Other than their report card got turned into the Yokubal) but then even the report card was destroyed, the teachers could just issued a new one and gave the stamps accordingly since they passed all the test already.

The final scene was what stood out in this episode since this felt like a Season finale since everyone minus Riko and the Headmaster bid farewell to Mirai and Mofurun at the train station. Although Mirai was holding her emotions together but since we are only nine episodes in, it was no surprise that Riko with the endorsement of the Headmaster allowed her to join Mirai on Earth.

The two reunited at the end was sweet although Riko still act all Tsundere but then this is Horie Yui who is famous in doing Tsundere roles since she got famous playing Naru of Love Hina fame in the first place.

Overall, other than the fight with the Yokubal, the episode was pretty all right but I have one question. What is the point for Mirai going through all these magic remedial lessons when eventually she will return back to Earth without even attending a proper class?

I thought she came to the Magic world to become a Magic user and we are suppose to know more of the Magic world. But these few episodes are pretty superficial other than finding four of the Linkle Stones, I don't see any reasons the point of the magic lessons.

I always thought that Precure's powers are like memories bank since every season before, the girls are able to use their powers with ease and doesn't need much training but more of muscle memory and instinct to use their powers. Here, Mirai and Riko relied on their instincts like every other Cure before them to overcome their enemies and not their magic lessons they were taught.

But then, there is a flip side since the Linkle stones are sentinel and need to see if the girls are worthy to obtain them. Maybe that is why the girls had to go through these lessons but Toei can come with a better plot about helping one other and courage and you will also get the same results in the end. In conclusion, the magic lessons are really a waste of time!

Enough of me ranting since Mirai and Riko are finally back on Earth although how Mirai is going to explain to her parents of her disappearance is yet to be seen. I really want to see if Mirai's grandmother really told her parents of her going to the Magic world and her parents called grandmother a total senile and called up the police. But this is Precure where the people in this universe are totally oblivious to magical girls in primary colors.

Riko Croissant?

But when the girls arrived back on Earth, Riko got separated with Mirai and started another wild goose chase to find her in the city! Until then, see you next week for the next episode!


  1. Greetings, Hall of Anime Fame.
    This is the first time I post a comment in your blog. ^^

    This series is getting interesting, 'omoshiroi' and good.
    I found episode 9 really good and has cute and touching moments. And I agree with your one question about Mirai learning magical lessons. I never thought of that! Well, who's to say? Maybe it'll be explained in the next episodes or, else? Let's all viewers see for ourselves.
    I'm very curious of how will be the next episode, I wonder what kind of adventure will Riko have this time. Oh, this is the first time Haa-chan comes to the Earth too! :D

    1. Thank you for the comment! Hope to hear from you more in future posts!

    2. You're welcome. ^^
      And I will! See ya in the next posts!

  2. Horie Yui also voice Eri from School Rumble.