Sunday, April 10, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 10 Review: Follow that Topaz!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 10 Review and Mirai is finally back on Earth!

Basically this episode is made up of finding the Linkle Topaz which is casually lying on the ground the moment the girls tap out of the station. But when a crow took the Topaz away and both Riko and Ha-chan rushed to chase it, the girls were seperated for their own adventures until the third act.

For Riko, she encountered Mirai's mother, Kyoko and she offered some food at her place. Riko did told a bit of how her parents are always away for work and Kyoko kinda of empathize her since her husband is away and Mirai is off to places unknown.

For Mirai is more of retracting her steps in finding Riko and even refused to eat the last cookie she saved for Riko. However the two girls finally meet at the Ichigo Pan stand before Spalda showed up. Although I am wondering why Spalda didn't take the Linkle Topaz since she caught a cat holding it? Maybe only the Linkle Emerald is worth taking it or the other stones are deemed useless? A smart person will have held the Topaz for the girls to exchange the Linkle Emerald if they found it. But then, this season's villains are pretty dumb to begin with...

The fight with the Yokubal on a motorcycle was kinda of okay. Yes, we do have people running away from the Yokubal but if a Yokubal riding upwards on a building didn't attract anyone, it is probably because the people are too oblivious about it or Toei didn't want to spend the extra money to make more extra characters.

There was a weird scene when the Yokubal scratched the two girls and the claw effects hit on the girls. The girls didn't react until the claw effects were gone and if this show was shown during the wee hours, the girls' costumes will have been torn off. (I am sure some older fans of Precure will want some Fan service if that happened)

At the end, the girls lost the Topaz and Riko was surprised that Kyoko was Mirai's mother. As expected, Kyoko demanded her daughter to tell her what has been going on with her. Maybe her grandmother did told Kyoko about Mirai going to Magic school and Kyoko didn't buy that. Good for Kyoko for using common sense!

Although the Head Teacher coming down to Earth in Merry Poppins style is kinda of interesting and she probably has her reasons in finding Riko. (I was expecting Rizu to come so that Nazuka Kaori can be a regular in the series)

Overall, Riko and Kyoko's interaction was nice but the fight was still bad as ever. Next week, Riko joined Mirai's class and met three very familiar students in her class. Topaz Form has arrived and it is kinda of funny to see a pudding on Cure Magical's head in Topaz Form. Until then, see you next week for the next episode!

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  1. This episode is cute and good, especially the encounter between Riko and Kyoko. The ending is kinda funny and cute too. ^^

    The battle is cool and not bad. But yeah, that part of the Yokubal's scratch attack on the cures really got me puzzled and confused of what was that! I was like 'Huh? Okay...'
    Yet, this episode presents many curious questions, like what the Head Teacher is doing in there on Earth? Just watching the Duo of Cure Witches? And what Mirai's Grandmother really is? Let's see in the next episodes.

    Oh! I must write that you DO have a point of Spalda not taking that Topaz for an evil threat!